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Zambia Army Commander enters the US Army Hall of Fame


By Benedict Tembo

ZAMBIA Army Commander Lieutenant General Sitali Dennis Alibuzwi has been inducted into the prestigious ‘International Fellows’ Hall of Fame of the United States Army War College, becoming the first Zambian to enter US military stardom.

Lt. Gen. Alibuzwi made the grand entry at an induction ceremony honouring him and Major General Joseph Seelo of the Botswana Defence Force at Carlisle Barracks in Pennsylvania, USA yesterday.

The 73rd inductee since the hall of fame’s inception in 1988, Gen. Alibuzwi has been recognised for his outstanding military achievements and commitment to leadership.

Gen. Alibuzwi joined the Zambia Army in August, 1983 and was commissioned in 1984. He has held several command and staff positions, rising through the ranks until he was appointed Zambia Army commander in 2021. The United States Army War College was founded in 1901 and has produced notable alumni such as Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and outgoing Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari among others.
Gen. Alibuzwi is one of 71 students from the class of 2013.

And. Gen Alibuzwi has hailed the US government for its role in the pre-redeployment and training of all Zambian Battalions (ZAMBATTS) in the Central African Republic (CAR).

He stated during his induction that the first uniform used by ZAMBATT 1 in its peacekeeping mission in CAR was donated by the US Army.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the US government and army for its assistance since we first arrived in CAR.”
We received pre-deployment training support from the US Army from ZAMBATT 1 to ZAMBATT8, allowing us to deploy troops who are adequately prepared to carry out assigned missions and tasks,” Gen. Alibuzwi said.

The Zambia Army has participated in several United Nations and African Union-sanctioned peacekeeping missions, and the US Army has been at the forefront of providing medical, civil affairs, peacekeeping, and security training since its inception.

Zambia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, Chola Milambo who represented the Zambian government at the ceremony thanked President Hakainde Hichilema for allowing Gen. Alibuzwi to attend the life achievement ceremony. Dr. Milambo requested the US government to offer more slots to Zambian Defence Force officers at the US War Army College.

Gen. Alibuzwi was accompanied by his wife Stella, officers, and Zambians working in the USA. Mrs. Alibuzwi lauded her husband’s achievement and thanked President Hichilema for the once-in-a-lifetime gesture. She also urged all Zambians to embrace the accomplishment as it is a national trophy.


    • This just proves how much of Uncle Tom’s we are. Imagine some black man who doesn’t even know what this hall of fame is, sat down and typed out this story! If a white man showers praise on us we blacks get so excited.
      Why do we get this excited when a white man pats our back? It’s having a house nigger mentality. Why doesn’t the Zambia Army have its own hall of fame? So our general will be displaying this medal on his chest for fighting a war imagined by the US?

  1. There’s little significance to this. It’s just an acknowledgement that one of their former students has risen to the top in his home country. Many universities do it. UNZA has sung praises of its former students (late Mwanawasa, Edgar Lungu and HH) who hv ended up as president of Zambia. HH has probably featured in the University of Birmingham’s alumni magazine.

  2. Benedict Tembo should learn to be truthful and do some real journalism work. Aren’t Zambia Army Commander General Isaac Chisuzi (Rtd), Major General Geoffrey Zyeele, Brigadier General James Mazimba (Rtd), Brigadier General Amos Zimba (Rtd) and Brigadier General Musonda Nthenga also graduates of the ka same war college?

  3. War mongers’ college is inhuman as no single country has ever been liberated, but unjust wars have been carried out by the graduates from this training centre for killers and coup makers

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