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Emmanuel Mwamba Blames President Hichilema for Gay Parade Hijack of a Protest in Lusaka


Former Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba has warned that President Hakainde Hichilema’s fraternisation and cosy policies with the West will cost Zambia its soul. “It wouldn’t be long before we witnessed what we saw on Saturday 4th March 2023,” said Mwamba.

Mwamba places all the blame for the gay parade hijack that took place in Lusaka on President Hichilema, as all these activities are being allowed under his watch. “Zambians don’t say you were not warned,” he warns.

The LGBTQ activists and members who participated in the protest turned it into a protest for gay rights. “Chnna Changa, My P*ssy, My Choice” was the demand for sexual rights that shocked motorists who witnessed the parade.

Homosexuality and its promotion are illegal in Zambia because it offends cultural, traditional, Christian, public morals, and national principles and values. Mwamba notes that the government has deliberately turned a blind eye, allowing the LGBTQ agenda to be heavily promoted using social media and legal challenges. “They hire good and expensive lawyers to challenge the legality of the criminalization of homosexuality and gay sex and its relationships,” says Mwamba.

Mwamba warns that activists dare the law when they feel the country has achieved a friendly judiciary or friendly gay-agenda judges. He cites legal successes in Botswana and Kenya, stating that LGBTQ awareness and training workshops in Livingstone, Siavonga, and Lusaka are bearing fruit, as seen in the parade.

He advises Zambians not to take the situation lightly, as the LGBTQ agenda is heavily promoted in Africa. “All those LGBTQ awareness and training workshops in Livingstone, Siavonga and Lusaka the last one year are bearing fruit as seen by today’s activities,” Mwamba says. He cautions that the promotion of homosexuality and gay rights are a threat to the country’s values and morals.


  1. When I Warned and prophesied this happening under this useless regime, I was called names by the so called upnd diasporan gay supporters. Now the dirt has been brought right on our doorsteps. This is one condition of imf bailout. Our father ecl wouldn’t have allowed this dirt. I would rather be poor with my African pride and values than sell out and open my country to backside shafting.

    • Please ignore this Troll based in the UK..its new name is now Humpty Dumpty as this Impostor is now delusional to the point it can not be put together.

      “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, Couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

    • You PF chakolwas backshafted Zambians into endless debt and poverty.Think about that Misisi Slum Boy.

    • @ Kaizar Zulu, while your government was unquestionably corrupt, I now agree with you on this sellout , traitorous administration that has decided to sell the country’s moral soul to the highest Western bidder. I regret having supported HH and his UPND. Are these people not aware of what’s happening in the West, particularly in America, where they now can’t agree on the definition of a man or a woman? Or people that are claiming that they are neither male nor female? Is that what these traitors want to see come to Zambia? Wow. What a tragedy.

  2. HH has proven to be nothing but an American trojan horse, being used to undermine and destroy the moral fiber of our nation. This homosexual agenda that’s slowly being pushed on Zambia, is losing support even in America itself, with many conservative States such as Kansas making a push back. If nothing happens to stop this trend, the definition of a man and a woman as we know it will be gone. I supported HH, but not anymore, having realized that the West has targeted him as a perfect puppet to bring about this homosexual agenda. HH and his UPND must be voted out come 2026, before too much damage is done to the country’s morals.

    • The patriot my foot! You are just looking for a scapegoat for things that have been happening for a long time. HH came in and found all these so-called NGO’S registered under ECL and Sata, and they used to host parties. You want to talk about Morals? When did you dull chaps ever react to the endless molestation, adultery? Have you ever staged a citizens arrests on the prostitutes standing in the streets since you want to sing and shout morality on Mt. Self-righteous?

      We know you foolish PF chaps who claim you voted for HH when you just voted for the pathetic looses.

      FYI GBMs daughter is a full fledged lesbian and has a girlfriend and this is public knowledge but its obvious you wont know this because you have your head stuck up your a$$.

  3. Mulimbe ba zambia. The evil that is destroying the west is being pushed into zambia. When morals reach a point where people start engaging in unnatural activities you know that a country’s soul is rotting. This is why china is winning against the west. The west is loaded with the worst morals on earth, yet they want to point at others.
    They make noise about human rights, and yet they kill unborn babies in the most gruesome torturous ways in the name of “reproductive rights”. 1million babies are aborted in the US alone, every year. You can look up the stat. The judgement that will fall on the west will leave an example for all generations.

  4. It’s unfortunate that we have leaders who have no moral stand. They are selling the soul of the nation for the sake of pleasing the west.
    And sadly there are those that will ignore all of these things because their support for upnd is not based on policy but regions.
    But the price you will pay will be very high. Your sons and daughters will soon be coming home and telling you they are gay and trans and queer and all that. And your sons will marry fellow men. Your desires for grand children will die in disappointment.
    Mark my words you who choose to ignore this stuff.
    God made humanity to operate in a certain way, to propagate in a certain way. But your sons are being indoctrinated daily to become a sodom and gomorrah.

  5. For those on this blog who struggle and have been consumed by homosexuality, there is a saviour. I know some will dismiss this as superstition but those that are honest with themselves can’t run from the fact that what they do is unnatural. Their conscience eats them up when they are alone in the dark. So they come to blogs like this to defend their lifestyle in the name of being activists! But in reality it’s their conscience they are trying to silence. No matter how much you will advocate, your guilt will never go away! What you need is forgiveness, salvation, a deep change in the very fibre of your being. Come to Jesus. Search for him till you find him and promise 100% you will be changed.

    • “Come to Jesus. Search for him till you find him and promise 100% you will be changed.” you know what? We have bones of Pharoahs in coffins in Egypt but this Jesus you have been hoodwinked to believe by the same muzungus has never left any bones not even his Disciples. By the way where have you seen a chap who moves with only men..this Jesus chap must have been a number one contender for being gay.

    • Mr Tarino. If you found Jesus’ bones it would prove he was an imposter. The fact that you haven’t should make you ask yourself about his resurrection.
      Politics aside, go and do ab honest l, thorough historical study of Jesus’ life and you will be quite surprised.
      It’s too bad I can’t sit with you and give you some data. But I hope for your own good you will do some research.

    • @ Tarino Orange, you know the Jesus you’re insulting and calling “Gay” is able to defend himself, right? You need to repent and ask for forgiveness. He’s merciful and kind enough to forgive you of your insults and sins, and change your life for the better. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” Proverbs 9:10

    • The Slave master took away the slave’s name, language, denied him/her reading and writing African beliefs but allowed the slave one thing religion…let that sink in as you quote from a fictional book written in third party quote.

  6. He is a PF prophet now. Wish had prophesied the down fall of his dad and the defeated PF thieving regime.

  7. No gayism for me and my right thinking Zambians with our wholesome values intact.We strongly abhor this backshafting nonsense.

  8. What a shame.

    Were these people arrested, because what they are advocating is against the law here in Zambia.

    And those insults? Eiish.

    Just how did we get here? Through the IMF begging bowl?

  9. The UN Secretary General is a strong supporter of LGBTQ rights. On the day the president went to see him him in Qatar….. these pro LGBTQ protests were allowed under the watch of the police. Just a coincidence?

  10. We can tell from the comments those that are gay. When I called them out as gay, I was accused of being a liar

  11. I can only congratulate a white man for brain washing you Zambians. You are wasting your time and energy fighting over foreign ways of living. Christianity is foreign and LGBQ is also foreign and both are been pumped into your heads making you start fighting each other.When are you going to wake up ?

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