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Macro Oceans Investment Limited to operate Lusaka-Ndola Dual-Carriageway for 22 years, Minister clarifies


Minister of Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development Charles Milupi has clarified that the Lusaka-Ndola dual-carriageway will be operated by Macro Oceans Investment Limited for 22 years, not 25 years as earlier reported. The recently signed US$577 million concession agreement under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) procurement model will cover a three-year construction period, after which Macro Oceans Investment Limited will operate the road for 22 years.

In response to criticism of the project, Minister Milupi stated, “The Lusaka-Ndola dual-carriageway project is a critical infrastructure development project that will transform the transport sector in Zambia. The government has opted for the PPP model to address the challenges of inadequate funding and capacity in the public sector to deliver the project within the required timeframe.”

However, concerns have been raised about the involvement of Chinese-owned state enterprises in the project, as well as the use of public pension funds as intermediaries. Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba expressed concern about the use of National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) and Workers Compensation Fund Board (WCFB) as conduits for the project, stating, “This is NOT a Public-Private-Partnership project but a raiding and plunder of public pension funds using pension funds as intermediaries of the plunder.”

Socialist Party President Fred M’embe also questioned the project’s viability, stating, “Before we joyfully celebrate this project, we have to ask what the weighted average cost of a trip between Lusaka and Ndola and vice versa will be for each vehicle. Can the government kindly avail these details to the public to prepare us for how much the toll cost will be per trip? This is critical information, which for transparency and planning purposes we need to know in order to make informed decisions.”

Despite the criticism, the construction of the Lusaka-Ndola dual-carriageway and Luanshya-Fisenge-Masangano road is expected to contribute to the development of the country’s infrastructure and support economic growth. The feasibility studies have shown that the road could raise up to US$100 million per year in tolls and user fees.

The Zambian government needs to provide transparency and clarity on the project’s funding model and toll fees for road users to make informed decisions. Minister Milupi has assured the public that the government is committed to ensuring that the project is delivered transparently and in the best interest of the Zambian people.


  1. Very Laughable indeed. It reminds me of an incident in grade 9 when a classmate got 2% om a maths test and started arguing with the teachers and disturbing the class that he had got 5%..”no sir it is not 2% it is 5%, sir you didn’t count this one..” and the arguement went on and on as if it mattered. Same here. I rest my case

  2. Stop the blaming game. Stop blaming colonialism for everything, just change your mindset. Do not tell us the cause of a problem, but the solution to a problem.

  3. kkkkkk so you had no any other altenative?why not using the money after sailing copper then you chanel to road construction?How many minerals do we have not honeslty to get some money from and construct roads.PF did the same on the constructions of inflastructure at Kasumbalesa boader,upnd condermed but the same Upnd is today doing the same on Lusaka/Ndola road.Stop cheating and do what is right for the zambians,this project is a hoax.

  4. The Zambian government needs to provide transparency and clarity on the project’s funding model and toll fees for road users to make informed decisions.
    Why didn’t we demand the same from pf ? They gave contracts to their cadres and relatives which were never advertised.

  5. Straight forward PPP project.
    The PF are forgetting that in 2017, The PF govt made NAPSA borrow $2 billion to NRFA for the construction of the Ndola -Solwezi Road.
    The road is a total mess as we speak.
    The PF think we have short memories like them.Let them explain what to the Ndola Solwezi road and the money that was spent.

    • Yes PF was awful but this does not make this project right…even the way the funds is being raised by the consortium is not benefitical to the nation. Take some time and read comments from UPND sympathisers that are against this financing route taken.

  6. Why HH still has this man in that ministry Charles Milupi is just laughable…let the alliance go and mobilise their own parties if they are serious about politics. This procurement to construct this road is just wrong ..GRZ would have raised funds or even borrowed money for that same period for a straight up Design and Build contract or Design and manage contract or even Construction Management contract and RDA as the client.

  7. Hahaha we warned you. It has not yet been 2 years and the same f00Is who were campaigning for hh and forcing people to vote for him, are here crying haha.

    Ask that hh to tell you how much those toll gates will collect per day. You will then know exactly how much they are stealing for 22 years

    • Please ignore this Troll based in the UK..its new name is now Humpty Dumpty as this Impostor is now delusional to the point it can not be put together.

      “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, Couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

  8. I hope this includes building a complete new dual carriageway from scratch between ndola and lusaka and not merely adding another road next to the existing highway then calling it a dual carriageway because them they would have only built one road and not two which cannot justify the price.

  9. All comments writers with the exception of @Independent are financial and economic illiterates, even Fred Fred M’embe is one of them. This man is an irrelevant but this paper keeps on quoting his rubbish.
    Even though the government keeps providing answers like no other Zambian government has ever done, many of the commentators are so illeterate and ignorant they just keeping spewing more garbage

  10. After 22 years, when the contract with Oceans Ltd is over, will this road become a free road, or will it be sold to some other people who will continue to charge Zambians money to drive on their land?

  11. Contractor to operate and to collect toll fees 24 hours per day for a period of 22 years? The toll fees may increase from year to year.


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