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Acting President to grace Women’s day in Kabwe


Acting President, Mutale Nalumango, is tomorrow scheduled to officiate at the 2023 International Women’s day celebrations which will be hosted in Kabwe, Central Province.

Central Province Permanent Secretary, Milner Mwanakampwe, confirmed the development to ZANIS saying Mrs Nalumango is expected to arrive in Kabwe at 09:00 hours after which she will officiate at the Women’s Day celebrations at Kabwe Worriers stadium.

Mr Mwanakampwe stated that the national commemorations of this year’s Women’s Day will be held in Kabwe under the theme ‘Digital: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality.’

And Mr Mwanakampwe has observed that women have been financially neglected, a situation which leaves them vulnerable to abuse.

He said the majority of women in the province remain economically vulnerable.

Mr Mwanakampwe has since advised women to take advantage of government empowerment programmes such as the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) that can help improve their livelihoods.

“Our women should take advantage of such programmes and engage in income generating activities (IGA) to improve their economic standing,” he said.

Mr Mwanakampwe further said the increased CDF has a component of empowerment for women and youths.

He has therefore invited women in Kabwe district to join in the commemorations.

Meanwhile, Dade Moyo, a businessperson dealing in Longrich products in Kabwe, has urged women to use technology and the digital platforms positively to promote unity and development.

Ms Moyo, who is Longrich Brand Ambassador, said technology has eased the way of doing business stating that women should support one another and use technology to curb the negativity which they may be associated with.

On this year’s theme: ‘Digital: Innovation and technology for Gender Equality,’ she explained that women were fitting well in the digital platform but should completely stop attacking one other on social media.

“With technology, we have been able to organize ourselves and say, let us not look down on each other. Let us support a woman doing business and the men are out there supporting us,” she said.

And another woman, Maina Kabanda, urged women to celebrate their day peacefully.

Mrs Kabanda said men and women should support each other for the development of their families without overburdening one another.


  1. Acting President Mutale Nalumango will officiate the International Women’s Day celebrations in Kabwe, Central Province, with a focus on digital innovation and technology for gender equality. Women in the province have been financially neglected, but government empowerment programs such as the Constituency Development Fund can help improve their livelihoods. Businesspeople are urging women to use technology positively to promote unity and development, while men and women should support each other for their families’ development without overburdening one another.

  2. It must be agony being in her shoes. I look forward to a time when Zambians will make difficult decisions when they notice that things aren’t going well before it’s too late. It’s very clear to all those that follow UPND politics that WK is number 2 but she isn’t in the inner circle. She’s not involved in most of the important decisions that are being made. She’s completely lost and her is there for all to see. Just watch her during her question time in Parliament and you’ll realize what I mean. I feel sorry for her. She must be hurting inside

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