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DEC raid a house of a suspected drug dealer


The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) in Ndola district on the Copperbelt province has raided a house for a suspected drug dealer identified as Jonathan Mulinda aged 27.

During the search at the residence of the suspect at house number 32 Kopa Road in town center, officers discovered 45 rounds of ammunition suspected to be that for a pistol and whitish powdered substance.

Brief facts of the matter are that on February 28,2023 in the early hours, the DEC Officers based in Ndola acting on the information that a named suspect mentioned was dealing in drugs, they raided the above mentioned address.

The officers had earlier obtained a search warrant from the courts and on the material day they proceeded to conduct a search.

It was during the search that the officers found some whitish powder substance which was suspected to be cocaine and further found 45 rounds of ammunition in the bedroom of the suspect hidden in the drawers of the wardrobe.

However, when the whitish powered substance was subjected to analytical tests, the results came out negative, indicating that the substance was not a drug.

Copperbelt province police commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba says the suspect was yesterday March 6,2023 handed over to the police and investigations have since been instituted in the case of being in possession of prohibited articles.

Mr.Mweeemba disclosed that when the suspect was questioned regarding the ammunition, he indicated that the same belonged to one of his friends whom he briefly stayed with at some point and later left the house to an unknown place and had asked him to keep them for him.

The suspect is currently detained in police custody and will appear in court soon


  1. Did they find the drugs? key word is suspected. I wonder why they are not raiding the Europeans stealing our minerals?

  2. They were outsmarted. It’s likely info was leaked to the suspect. Some DEC officers are compromised. Why haven’t they raided the long time drug baron of Kitwe? Apart from such dramatized raids, why can’t they mop up the chamba dealers in townships and bus stations? Most secondary school going children now smoke chamba and parents are helpless. Who sells them chamba? There’s also widespread satanism in schools caused by fake prophets. These are vices that are spoiling our children. Don’t sit in your offices and wait for tips


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