Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Retired teachers still occupy Government houses in Kitwe


Kitwe District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) Christopher Nyungila has called for the intervention of the District Commissioner’s office to remove retired teachers that have been paid repatriation funds from government houses.

Speaking in Kitwe today during a special Heads of Government departments meeting in Kitwe today, Mr. Nyungila reported that teachers that have been paid repatriation funds are resisting to move out of government houses.

He explained that teachers are given 30 days to leave government houses once they are paid repatriation funds.

“About 98 percent of teachers’ houses in Kitwe are occupied by retired teachers and families of deceased teachers, and all houses at Kitwe Boys and Helen Kaunda Secondary schools are occupied by retired teachers and families of deceased teachers that have been paid repatriation but they are resisting to leave government houses,” He said.

He explained that the aim of paying out retirees their benefits is to ensure that the government serves the money it is paying teachers on housing allowances.

He noted that with the current situation the government will not serve on housing allowances because retired teachers are not giving room to serving teachers to move in government houses.

Mr. Nyungila has since appealed to the district commissioner to help remove the retired teachers that have received their dues from government houses to allow serving teachers to move in.

Recently the government released K3.4 million for payment of personal emoluments to teachers in Kitwe district.

The funds were used to offset outstanding arrears in leave travel benefits, terminal benefits and repatriation for deceased and retired teachers.


  1. It’s not only teachers but other retired civil servants. The Zambia Police might be the most affected as most retired or deceased Buju or their families are still occupying government houses to the extent of even running shebeens or sub renting the houses. Some retired many years ago and have since squandered their pensions. How can we have brothels in police camps? DC’s are busy chasing CDF and illegal mining

    • It’s because they’re stranded and do not know where to go. This is sad. It’s now a social problem requiring all of society’s efforts (not prayers please)to sort out.

  2. Its all the govt’s fault as they took very very long in paying the retirees in some cases 15 years. Where do you think that such families will go. Try the Lusambo way in Lusaka and see the downfall of the party in power.

  3. Our systems are completely dead. The HR is non functional. Only Hakainde works. That is why he dictates to his cabinet. They don’t do anything other than rubberstamp things from him. So how would anyone behave? Even Hakainde himself refuses not only to live in a statutory state house but also to declare his worthy. The whole nation is paralysed for lack of information. One man just dictates. Declaration is one safety factor to detect pilfering, no one will even imagine how much Hakainde would have siphoned out of this country at the end of his 5 year term.

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