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2023 Year-to-date of Key Activities by the UPND’s New Dawn Government


By Sean Tembo – PeP President

1. All major medical equipment including MRI machines, CT scans, Cancer Radiotherapy Machines are not working at UTH because the supplier is refusing to service them as they are owed about $200,000 which Government has failed to pay since 2021. If the President cancelled one of his foreign trips, the money saved would be enough to repair all these medical equipment.

2. Homosexuals and lesbians chanting insults in broad daylight at Showgrounds and yet no arrest up to now. Yet Dr. Brian Sampa was quickly arrested for protesting against LGBTQ. Clearly we have a homosexual Government in office, which is defending their fellow homosexuals.

3. K100 million to be spent repairing water leakages in toilets at Heroes Stadium, yet the real cost is less than a million Kwacha.

4. Lusaka – Ndola dual carriage way project awarded to foreigners who will use our NAPSA money to build it, and yet will collect toll fees for 22 years. Currently about $45 million is collected in toll fees per year on this road, so even if we assume no increment in traffic, these foreigners will collect about $990 million ($45m x 22) over 22 years.

5. The husband to a Cabinet Minister supplied fake fertilizer to farmers in Luapula, Northern and parts of Copperbelt rural, yet no action taken against him or his company by Government.

6. Appointment of a businessman and close associate of the President, who has less than 10 years post-qualification experience as a lawyer, as Deputy President of the Constitutional Court in readiness to become Constitutional Court President when the current Court President retires as she has reached 65 years.

7. Presidential insult of the people of Eastern Province by saying he might get cholera if he attended N’cwala traditional ceremony and 40th anniversary of Khosi Yama Khosi at the throne. Cholera is associated with dirty people who lack basic hygiene. That means Hakainde was saying the people of Eastern Province who organized N’cwala are dirty and lack basic hygiene.

8. Use of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to harass political opponents including PF aspiring President; Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba and CF party president Hon. Harry Kalaba, by placing restrictions on their modest properties. It is worth remembering that no one placed any restrictions on Hakainde Hichilema’s mansion when he was in opposition, which he claims to have built from proceeds of cattle rearing. Apparently his cattle used to give birth twice a day, everyday for 365 days in a year.

9. Minister of Finance and President Hichilema’s business partner; Situmbeko Musokotwane strangely opposing the call by China for World Bank and other western aligned multilateral institutions to participate in Zambia’s debt relief. One would think the more creditors that participate in our debt relief the better for us, so why should Musokotwane be objecting? Evidently this debt relief issue is no longer about debt relief but is being used as a weapon by the West to portray China in bad light. President Hakainde Hichilema and his business partner cum Finance Minister are being used as pawns to fight China in the court of world opinion.

10. While other youths are told to form cooperatives, UPND top dogs including Amake Bally are giving themselves mines. No wonder mambala is refusing to declare his assets.


  1. If Sean Tembo is a champion of the truth, he has every right as a citizen to cite as ineligible the Constitutional Court nominee whom he says has less than 10 years of post-qualification experience as a lawyer. And whn the truth is shown to him, let him acknowledge it publicly instead of maintaining silence.

    • It doesn’t follow that a deputy will always take over as president of concourt. Justice Michael musonda was deputy chief justice to Ireen Mambilima. Did he become CJ when she passed. Clearly Mr zero is hulucinating as usual

  2. Sean Tembo…. oroso? Just check and ascertain that he doesn’t share a father with Sylvia Tembo aka Sylvia Masebo. Both have foul language

  3. ST is out of touch with reality…………

    Ati……”Currently about $45 million is collected in toll fees per year on this road,….”

    So by that roughly……….

    6100 vehicles use the road everyday , including Sundays at a rate of $20 each……….?????

    6100 vehicles ×365 days ×$20= $44, 530, 000

    I find that far fetched……..

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