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Discrimination against TB patients worry community health officer


A Community Health Officer in the Ministry of Health has bemoaned that discrimination against tuberculosis (TB) patients as negatively affecting the fight against the epidemic.

Wanga Zulu, a Chief Community Health Officer says discrimination against TB patients is making some people shun seeking medical attention when they exhibit symptoms of the disease.

Ms. Zulu says this was negatively affecting the fight against the epidemic.

“It is more of neighbours laughing at their colleagues instead of supporting them. So, because of this discrimination, some people who could be showing symptoms of the disease get scared to test. They would rather stay home without being diagnosed,” she explained.

She has however encouraged people to seek medical attention whenever they suspect TB, adding that the disease was curable.

“TB is highly discriminated against, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the disease, and this makes some patients resist treatment,” she noted.

She added that despite this challenge, the government had continued working towards eliminating the disease.

She highlighted milestones recorded in the quest to eliminate TB that included timely diagnosis and treatment.

“Diagnostics are done within two hours and patients are immediately put on treatment, we are stocked up on TB medicines and we also have mobile hospital facilities to ensure services are taken right to the people,” she said.

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