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Fred M’membe Criticizes US Democracy Conference in Zambia, Calls for Focus on Ending Conflict in Ukraine


Socialist Party President Dr Fred M’membe has issued a scathing statement criticizing the upcoming Democracy Conference in Zambia, which is being hosted by the United States at the end of this month. M’membe argues that the US has no right to lecture other countries on democracy given its history of interfering in other nations’ affairs and rigging elections.

“The United States will hold its so-called Democracy Conference in Zambia at the end of this month. But what for? What can the United States, a country that that has initiated so many coups in Africa and other parts of the world, killed so many of our leaders and helped rig elections in many countries, teach us about democracy and elections? Its own elections are being disputed!” M’membe said in the statement.

M’membe also argues that the conflict in Ukraine has exposed the hypocrisy of the West, which is quick to condemn Russia’s actions while ignoring its own “more devastating crimes” in places like Vietnam, Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria. He also notes the West’s support for Israel’s annexation of the West Bank and the Golan Heights and its brutal blockade of Gaza.

“Those who are also aware that the United States has manipulated Ukrainian domestic politics since it promoted regime change in 2014 to antagonize Russia, will not be surprised that those who claim to defend freedom are being questioned by an increasingly cynical public suspicious of their own governments’ motives. Anti-war rallies have just begun in Europe and are likely to spread around the world,” M’membe said.

M’membe also calls for an end to the conflict in Ukraine and for the US to stop manipulating Ukrainian politics to antagonize Russia. “Let them leave us alone and focus on ending the conflict they provoked and are fuelling in Ukraine. And clearly, whatever they say, whatever they do, Ukraine is heading for military defeat and will never be the same. The contortions that will be needed to explain Ukraine’s impending defeat will be something to behold,” he said.

M’membe’s statement has been met with mixed reactions, with some praising him for speaking out against Western hypocrisy and interference in other countries’ affairs, while others criticize him for downplaying Russia’s role in the conflict in Ukraine and for ignoring the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

“I completely agree with M’membe. The United States has no right to lecture other countries on democracy when they have a history of interfering in other nations’ affairs and rigging elections. The Democracy Conference in Zambia is a farce,” said one Zambian citizen.

However, others disagreed with M’membe’s statement, arguing that it ignores the suffering of the Ukrainian people and downplays Russia’s role in the conflict.

“Russia has invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea. The conflict in Ukraine is not just a result of US interference, it’s a result of Russian aggression. M’membe’s statement completely ignores the suffering of the Ukrainian people,” said a Ukrainian citizen.

The Democracy Conference in Zambia is expected to go ahead as planned, with representatives from various countries expected to attend.


  1. Democracy conference to be held in Zambia but being hosted by the USA. Oh my goodness, is it sponsored by the USA? Fred M’membe’s protestation is unnecessary. Instead he should welcome this chance and apply to speak at the conference so that he’s heard. Diplomacy means speaking even to those you disagree with. And it’s high time he learned how to speak in a suitable tone.

  2. Fred is right and very right. Americans have no right to teach anyone about democracy. Look what they did in Congo, Angola, and Libya. Look at what they did in Iraq.
    Their own so called democracy is in a mess as their elections were disputed.
    We do not need them to teach us about democracy!

  3. What democracy? These Americans have seen Zambia as ripe to be used for LGBTQ agenda. The UPND in their quest for money have promised the LGBTQ society that they will champion their case in Africa. Its nothing to do with democracy.

  4. Though we can take their money and other support…………

    The USA needs to fix their back yard frist to a have any credibility on nation fixing……..

    South America has the highest unemployment, muder and drug addiction rates in the world , while……

    Haiti is a mess, right next to the USA…..

  5. Is Fred Mmembe’s political ideology only premised on praise for socialist countries and apparent hatred of Western countries? He is always criticizing capitalism when he is one of top 20 wealthiest Zambians as a result of having had monopoly on the print press for 20 years.
    Fred is a darling of China, Russia and Cuba in much the same way that HH is a darling of North America and Europe. A presidency of Fred would isolate Western powers in the same way that HH presidency is isolating China and allies.
    Neither of these two know how to maintain neutrality and placing the country first.

  6. The naivety of Mmembe is so amazing. To him any decision China makes is a great decision for any country holding Chinese debts! Stupid ***** Mmembe.

  7. What a waste of time. Mmembe now wants to spend his time criticizing conferences and summits an elected government of Zambia decides to host. These are the lame duck checks and balances from Mmembe.

  8. There were gay orgies held at community house. There is video and terribly taken photo evidence by that ugly rat chella.

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