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Late Zambian President Rupiah Banda Brought Political Emancipation and Smooth Power Transition -HH


Zambia marked the first anniversary of the passing of former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda on March 11, 2023. In commemoration of the occasion, current President Hakainde Hichilema attended a memorial service held at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka.

Speaking at the service, President Hichilema paid tribute to the late president, describing him as a great statesman who contributed to the smooth transition of power after the 2021 General Election. The president noted that the 2021 General Election was an emotional and tense one that was well-handled by former President Banda, who mediated between himself and his predecessor Edgar Lungu to ensure peace in the country.

President Hichilema also praised President Banda’s belief in democracy and the rule of law, which he said was unequivocal and firm. He added that the world had a lot to learn from the late president’s legacy, especially in terms of his unwavering commitment to social justice and equality. President Hichilema said that President Banda belonged to a generation of leaders that brought political emancipation to Zambia, standing against the wickedness and injustices associated with racism and all forms of discrimination.

In his remarks, President Hichilema urged all politicians and public servants to learn from the former president, who was known for his forgiveness and ability to maintain peace. He also described President Banda as a giant who was part of a group of freedom fighters that delivered independence to Zambia.

Representing the late president’s family and friends, James Banda, President Banda’s brother, asked President Hichilema to initiate a dialogue with his predecessor, Edgar Lungu, for love to exist between the two leaders. He said there was a lot of goodwill between the two national leaders, and there was a need for them to start talking to each other.

In her tribute to her husband, Thandiwe Banda said the last 12 months had not been easy for her, but she was grateful for the support she had received from family and friends. She noted how much courage and work she had to employ to live without the former president.

President Banda’s children and grandchildren also read tributes, represented by Alice Johnson and Sarah Banda, respectively. Meanwhile, representing family friends, President Banda’s former press aide, Dickson Jere, outlined five attributes that he said politicians could learn from the late leader. Mr. Jere listed some of them as humility, equity, and sportsmanship, which President Banda exhibited in his life.

In his homily, Vicar-General for the Cathedral, Charley Thomas, described President Banda’s memorial as a transition from mourning into healing. He noted that the service was an event of strengthening President Banda’s family, but also for the entire country to reflect on his contribution to national development. He described President Banda as a transitional person in several of his various works.

The memorial service for the late President Rupiah Bwezani Banda was attended by numerous individuals who paid their respects to a man who served his country with distinction. His legacy of social justice, equality, and democracy will continue to inspire generations of Zambians to come.


  1. The only mistake he made was to plead for the handover of power to hh, who has turned out useless and turned our country into a gay haven. IF RB knew then what would happen, he wouldn’t have allowed or begged us to handover power to liars and sinners like upnd. I don’t blame you rb but it hurts


    • Actually even better let us talk about real economic issues affecting us Zambians and not you f00Is in diaspora being kept and housed by tax payers there. Most of you claimed persecution as gays to be allowed asylum there abroad. Here is a better topic:

      Lusaka-Ndola road project explained:

      It’s like borrowing money from your side-chick to buy your wife a valentine’s gift

  3. He is the one who unplugged Kafupi from the hook of plundering state coffers and also ordered the shooting of people in Mongu! For all I care he can rot in hell with his big nose

    • He achieved more in his life than you or your future family generations will ever achieve for eternity. You and your bloodline are cursed because you lack respect. You will forever be a poor family of sufferers of poverty. You are the lowest of scum. In India you would be spat on for being low caste.

  4. His excellency Rupiah Bwezani Banda gave Zambia the best economic stats in history which PF systematically destroyed for 10yrs.We miss your stellar economy RB.

  5. We should stop these commemorations otherwise soon we will find ourselves just commemorating 360 days of the year and we won’t be working. e

  6. Look at that marble floored tomb stone…so someone has to be employed full time to clean it…why cant we just have a simple tombstone on lawn?

  7. Why do people say lies at these functions… Mr Banda with due respect was not part of the revolution. Yes he was a good man who mlngled freely. His presidency was not planned, Levy Mwanawasa gave him the presidency on a silver platter because the easterners were still clinging to Unip. He didn’t hand over power freely, he had be cajoled. Over all he never held grudges

  8. I hv never approved of the expensive burials of ex-presidents. Anyway what else do u expect from people who cannot learn lessons from the Arab/Moslem slave trade, the Christian/Atlantic slave trade, Western colonialism and neo-colonialism. It’s Rupiah Banda who set the bad standard.

  9. People in Zambia don’t have shame. If I rewind the time to 2016 when RB threw his weight behind ECL in that election, I can see that we have hypocrites in higher offices. Just get to their social media platforms and contrast what they said about RB then and what they’re saying now. What kind of people are these?

  10. Is it ok to lie about someone because he is dead? Isn’t the best time to praise anyone when they are alive? Is HH waiting for Lungu to die before he can shower him with fake praises? Are these the politics we have agreed to live with ?

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