Saturday, February 24, 2024

Zambia Celebrates Youth Day, Focusing on Development and Protection


Today marks the celebration of Youth Day in Zambia, a day that highlights the importance of young people and their place in society. The theme for this year’s Youth Day is “Youth Development and Protection in a Changing World”.

The celebration of Youth Day is an annual event that aims to bring attention to youth issues and recognize the contributions young people make in various areas such as education, employment, and social justice.

President of the Socialist Party, Fred M’membe, emphasized the significance of youth in his message, stating that “youths are not future leaders, but leaders of today. The future is not built in the future but on the threshold of the decisions and actions we take today.”

Focal areas for youth development and protection include education, employment, and the environment. It is crucial to protect and care for the younger generation and show concern for their growth.

Young people have to study and work while still at the age of physical growth, and as such, attention must be paid both to their work and study, and to their recreation, sport, and rest.

Zambia belongs to the young people, and their vigor and vitality are crucial to the country’s future. President M’membe urged young people to understand that Zambia is still a poor country, and only through their united efforts can the country become strong and prosperous.

The establishment of the Socialist Party is a step towards the ideal society of the future, but hard work is required to translate this vision into reality. Youth Day serves as a reminder of the importance of youth in Zambia’s future and the need to invest in their development and protection.


  1. Politicians have collectively abused the youth for many years now. Onalebo tulyemo has caused laziness among the youth of today. Many political parties don’t have youth programs. Even the call by the PF to the youths to turn up in numbers to celebrate their day isn’t in the interests of the youth. They want to send shivers into HH that he’s lost ground. Many youths today are just waiting for their old parents to die so that they share the property, sell and host drinking parties.

  2. Bally’s Youth Indaba was an elitist event that only invited successful youths.

    Yufi wamu komboni naku munzi was sidelined. We warned you. Now they are teaching your children how to have anal sex with the same gender

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