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Dr. Chilufya urges Zambian youths to honor political freedom by fighting for economic freedom


By Hermity Hachilonde.

Patriotic Front-PF- Presidential hopeful, Chitalu Chilufya has implored young people in the country to emulate the youths of the pre-independence era for the role they played in attaining political freedom.

Conveying his message to the young people on Youth Day commemoration themed “Transforming Minds for Youth Development”, Dr. Chilufya affirmed that the theme was an appropriate one as it resonates well with the country’s current prevailing situation.

The former Minister of Health has since called on young people to rise to the occasion and fight for economic emancipation.

And Dr. Chilufya states with emphasis that the best way to honour political freedom fighters is to embark on this transformational trajectory to emancipate the nation from its economic turmoils.

He reiterated that transforming minds for youth development which is the theme for 2023 Youth Day commemoration, can only be driven by the energy of youth which represents hope of sustainable assured succession in all facets of life.

He has since stressed the need for young people to reset to a new paradigm where innovation, science technology and hard work are pitched high in all their undertakings.

Dr. Chilufya says this is the transformation that will drive the agenda for sustainable and accelerated development.

“Youths of yesterday fought for our political freedom; the best way to honour their sacrifice is to embark on this transformational trajectory to emancipate the nation from its economic turmoils.” Dr. Chilufya said

Meanwhile, Dr. Chilufya has observed that Zambia’s recent history does not seem to afford the youths their rightful political inheritance because they are often reserved for the sidelines and sometimes as tools for political violence.

And Dr. Chilufya has urged those with executive power to work with all stakeholders to put a halt to the unfortunate turn of events.

He says it would be prudent to harness the energy of the youth to transform the country forever.

Dr. Chilufya further stressed the need to urgently to make this transformation a reality and a constant aspiration to mainstream the welfare of young people into policy and legislative frameworks.

“Just recently, our youths dominated the political processes leading to the 2021 general elections but their place in the benefits of the outcome delivered is obscure.” So when a day like this one comes, it should not be a mere annual ritual to pass comments of token appeasement.”

“Those who hold power, in trust for all of us, must improve the welfare of the youths, and do so, with tangible evidence of commitment to the welfare of our young people. To all our youths let’s transform our minds and develop mother Zambia.” Dr. Chilufya said


  1. It’s a good and fair message. I can see why the UCZ seems to be getting on the nerves of the UPND. They’re providing a platform to the PF

    • With UCZ its just about who gives them bigger bribes.. a corrupt lot they are but who can blame them look at the Catholic church!!

  2. What a load of nonsense what did the youths do pre Independence ??
    Britian handed the country over peacefully as they had enough,
    A lot of Zambia’s history is wriiten by UNIP officials
    And is very flawed ……………..

  3. This thief is now addressing youths..can you imagine this Chilufya was nicknamed ATM because he carried money.

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