Tuesday, March 5, 2024

NGO empowers 13 Kafue youths


By Benedict Tembo

THE Kafue Child Development Agency (KCDA) has demonstrated youth empowerment by giving out items worth K26,250.00 to 13 youths in the district.
The items the 13 youths benefited items are aimed at enhancing existing businesses such as chicken rearing, doughnut making, saloon, barber shop, tailoring and phone accessories.

The youths who comprise 10 females and three males are already engaged in meaningful business ventures. The 13 youths received the emblems of empowerment during the Youth Day commemoration on Sunday.

KCDA is an implementing partner of Childfund Zambia. KCDA manager Mutale Mwamba urged young people to apply creativity, strength, and skills to effect meaningful change in society. Speaking during the youth day celebrations, Mr Mwamba said the young generation can become the backbone of the nation so that the seeds of sound morals and principles can be sown for the bright future.

“Where ever you are, you need to start moving, reduce complaints and do something. The government has created opportunities through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), for scholarships and skills training, more opportunities are created in various ministries which youths can take advantage of. A number of NGOs including ChildFund and KCDA have created opportunities for youths to prosper and develop their full potential,” Mr Mwamba said
He said the youth must concentrate on their studies first and educate themselves well so that they can build a brighter future for the country.
“For KCDA and ChildFund Zambia, we are contributing to mind transformation and sustaining youth development through creating inclusive opportunities for youths to collaborate and build networks, equipping youths with skills and tools to practice innovation and developing supportive programmes that target early-stage ventures,” Mr Mwamba said

Referring to the youths who received help to start running businesses on their own, he said KCDA was adding to what they already have.
And speaking at the same occasion, Lusaka Province permanent secretary Robert Kamalata said Kafue has not been left behind in youth empowerment programmes.
Mr Kamalata said under the 2022 CDF for Kafue constituency, 150 youths were awarded skills development bursaries and slightly over 10 youth clubs were given grants.

“I am also aware that a number of youths have applied for loans but these are yet to be approved and begin disbursing the loans. From the said figures, I would like to implore the youths to take this seriously by applying for the skills development bursaries and grants. This is one way of empowering the youths where once they gain these skills, they will be able to create their businesses and jobs which will employ their fellow youths,” Mr Kamalata said
He urged the district administration and the local authority to work together to publicise these CDF, which is meant to uplift the lives of citizens, especially the youths.

“The ward development committees should be very active and work with their residents in these wards by engaging the youths through community meetings so that they are aware of what programmes the government has put in place for the youths,” Kamalata said.
He said government has continued to attach great importance in ensuring that matters pertaining to the youths are enhanced as embraced in the Eighth National Development Plan, which highlights the improvement of education and skills development that aims at promoting the development and participation of the youths in the developmental agenda.

“This could be attested through the able and dynamic leadership of his excellency Mr. Hakainde hichilema, the Republican president who has always emphasised the need to involve the youths at levels of development in the country if we are achieve the vision 2030 where Zambia will be a middle income earning economy,” Mr Kamalata said.

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