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“Greedy” Speaker Nelly Mutti dragged to court over late Father’s estate


Shocking details have emerged how Speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Mutti has grabbed her later Father’s estate depriving her 22 siblings of their benefits.

The details shows how Speaker Mutti who earns in the region of K80, 000 per month and is on a life pension has used her lofty position in society to deny other children a share of their Father’s estate.

The family has since sued Mrs Mutti in the Mongu Local Court seeking her revocation as Administrator of her late father’s estate although she has refused to sign the court papers.

The family is now threatening to have the writ of summons published in the Daily Newspapers after Mrs Mutti refused to have the court papers served on her or her lawyers.

In 2021, Mrs Mutti’s father, Gorebrown Kashumba, a prominent Mongu businessman died and as first born child, the family appointed her Administrator.

According to close family sources, Mrs Mutti immediately started off grabbing property and transferring it in her name without approval of other children.

He late father left behind a Cashew Nut factory located in Mongu valued over 3 million Kwacha and 3,000 hectares of land in Kaoma.

There is also another 150 hectares cashew nut farm valued at over 1.5 million in located Sefula and another 200 hectares of cashew nut plantation valued at K2 million.

Mrs Mutti is also been accused of illegally changing title to land in Mongu near the Catholic Diocese Nutrition Programme offices near Kashumba station.

The Speaker has also been accused of taking over the running of a Hammer Hill business which her late Father operated without agreeing with the rest of the beneficiaries on how earnings from the business will be distributed.

“The late Mr. Kashumba also left a very successful Hammer mill business in Mongu which was generating K17, 000 per month. When he died, Bo Nelly immediately went and changed banking details so that when the workers are depositing money into the company account, those monies now started going into Nelly Kashumba’s private account and this was done without any consultations with the family,” the source said.

The Speaker has also allegedly cut off the widow from her K3, 000 monthly allowance which was coming from the Cashew Nut factory.

“She has also grabbed a vehicle she bought for Dad, an Isuzu, she got it right after the funeral on the pretext that she was taking it to Toyota Zambia in Lusaka and the vehicle has not returned and now the widow doesn’t have an allowance and a vehicle to use,” the source revealed.

The source also disclosed that Mrs Mutti is also claiming ownership of the family home where the widow is staying after she helped her late Father clear a K40, 000 mortgage.

“She is threatening to kick out the widow from the family home because apparently before the Old Man died, he had a K40, 000 which was pending from his mortgage and Bo Nelly helped settle it with the Bank, now she is coming back to say this is her house because Dad gave her, now we don’t know where the widow will be staying.”

Mrs Mutti is also been accused of failing to account for K200, 000 which was found in her late Father’s account at the bank.

“Right after the funeral, Bo Nelly and her daughter connived and broke into the Father’s bedroom and accessed all his documents including bank papers, they managed to start changing banking details including land ownership documents. She has used her influence to do illegal things,” the source said.

The source added, “As we speak, there are grand children who are struggling because their parents (Mrs Mutti’s brothers and sisters) are not doing well and they can’t have accessed to the property left by their grandfather. This is why as a family, we want her removed as Administrator because she doesn’t have a heart.”


  1. This is very sad reading. I don’t wish to comment further because I already referred to Nelly Mutti in my comment on another story. It’s enough

    • Nelly’s looks is pure of sugar mama. Even in parliament she only encourages $ex debates. Truly her appointment as speaker is an insult to women.

  2. What does the law say about property grabbing? And just to think the person in charge of a law-making body in Zambia is the one at the centre of such serious allegations makes for sad reading.

  3. And this Bandit is a speaker of our National Assembly …..shame on you HH….birds of the same feathers….HH and Nelly same mindset..Big Bandits….

  4. And don’t forget these are some of the assets she declared as being hers. Crooked greedy woman who somehow has wormed her way to the role of Speaker of the National Assembly…have you built her sauna and jacuzzi yet?

  5. No one is above the law. Let her just go to Mongu and answer in court there according to the summons. If she is innocent it will be proved in the same court.

  6. She was appointed administrator, now they have come back to complain? Why did they appoint her in the first place?

  7. The so called family members believe when a relative dies they will suddenly benefit and become rich. Zambians really require their thinking to change. This dependence is a cancer.
    I have told them distance relatives that if and when my parents die they will get $0 coins. They are depending on them right now but that will end one day. Mrs Nelly Mutti is doing the right thing here.

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