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Nevers Mumba calls for new approach to youth empowerment on Youth Day


Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba, the MMD President and former Vice President of the country, has called for a new approach to youth empowerment in the country. In an article published on March 12th, 2023, Dr Mumba argued that traditional methods of celebrating Youth Day, such as marching, were no longer sufficient to meet the needs and aspirations of modern Zambian youth.

Dr Mumba noted that young people in Zambia today have bigger dreams and aspirations than previous generations. “The youth of Zambia today are different. Their dreams are grander than the older generations’,” he wrote. “They aspire for greater and bigger things. They aspire for a more organized society. They wish to see and enjoy civilization. They wish to fairly compete on the global platform whether it’s in fashion, sport or financial prosperity.”

Dr Mumba argued that many political leaders still view young people as uneducated and easily swayed by handouts. He suggested that instead of continuing with traditional Youth Day celebrations, Zambian leaders should focus on giving young people the respect, education, and empowerment they deserve. “Let’s start to question any behavior that does not add value to who we are,” he wrote. “We can use youth day to offer special public and private scholarships to deserving youths in all fields related to the overall development of our nation. We can use Youth day to honour and empower youth efforts I to the fields of Arts, entrepreneurship, sports and agricultural.”

Dr Mumba also called on political leaders to stop using young people for their own political gain and to instead focus on protecting their future careers. “As political leaders, let us offer our youth what they deserve. Respect, Education and Opportunities to make them achieve their dreams. We should not stand in their way by using them to protect our political careers. It is us who are supposed to protect their future careers,” he wrote.

Dr Mumba’s call for a new approach to youth empowerment has been welcomed by many Zambians, who see it as a sign that the country’s leaders are finally starting to take the needs and aspirations of young people seriously. As one young Zambian commented: “We are tired of being seen as pawns in someone else’s game. We want real opportunities to succeed and make a positive difference in our country. Hopefully, Dr Mumba’s message will be heard by all our leaders.”

Another young Zambian added: “Dr Mumba is absolutely right. We need real opportunities, not just empty words and meaningless gestures. We need leaders who will invest in our education and help us develop the skills we need to succeed in the modern world. We need leaders who will empower us to make a real difference in our country.”

Many Zambians also praised Dr Mumba’s suggestion that Youth Day should be used as an opportunity to honor and empower young people who are making a positive difference in their communities. “We have so many talented and hardworking young people in Zambia,” said one citizen. “It’s time we started recognizing and supporting them, instead of just using them for political rallies and marches.”


  1. Your mandate as MMD President has lapsed. Can you allow the Democratic process to go on so that you handover to the next person? Have shame. You can’t continue to illegally cling on to power. Your time is up. You can go and revive one of your two defunct parties

  2. Nevers Mumba has no direction…a failed clergy and a failed Politician….now just kissing HH’s ass for a brown envelope

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