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Fred M’membe Applauds President Xi Jinping’s Global Civilization Initiative at Dialogue with World Political Parties


Zambia’s Socialist Party President Dr Fred M’membe attended a dialogue between the Communist Party of China (CPC) and world political parties, where CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed the Global Civilization Initiative. Dr M’membe praised President Xi’s opening speech, describing it as “humane, humble, but brilliant” and highlighting the importance of the initiative in promoting mutual understanding and friendship among people of all countries.

In his speech, President Xi emphasized the need for countries to respect the diversity of civilizations and uphold the principles of equality, mutual learning, dialogue, and inclusiveness among civilizations. He stressed that cultural exchanges play an irreplaceable role in advancing humanity’s modernization process and making the garden of world civilizations flourish. He called for the inheritance and innovation of civilizations to be highly valued, urging countries to fully harness the relevance of their histories and cultures to the present times and push for the creative transformation and innovative development of their fine traditional cultures.

“Let cultural exchanges transcend estrangement, mutual learning transcend clashes, and inclusiveness transcend any sense of superiority,” President Xi said. He also called for advocating common values of humanity, including peace, development, equity, justice, democracy, and freedom, as the common aspirations of all peoples. “We need to keep an open mind in appreciating the perceptions of values by different civilizations, refrain from imposing our own values or models on others, and from stoking ideological confrontation,” he added.

President Xi urged countries to explore the building of a global network for inter-civilization dialogue and cooperation, enrich the contents of exchanges, and expand avenues of cooperation to promote mutual understanding and friendship among people of all countries, and jointly advance the progress of human civilizations. “We should advocate robust international people-to-people exchanges and cooperation, enhance mutual understanding, and promote common development,” he said.

The dialogue between the CPC and world political parties highlights the need for greater cooperation and understanding among civilizations. Dr M’membe praised the initiative, saying that “the future of all countries is closely connected nowadays,” and that the Global Civilization Initiative can help to promote mutual understanding and cooperation among nations.

The importance of promoting mutual understanding and respect for diversity is especially relevant in today’s globalized world, where different cultures and civilizations are increasingly coming into contact with each other. As President Xi said in his speech, “the development of one civilization should not be at the expense of others, and multiple civilizations can coexist in harmony.”


  1. Xi is flexing his powers and preparing us for the new world order. World civilisation is what the democrats use in principle as a mandate for success but in reality they destroy it wherever they find it exceeding their expectations. It is therefore ironic that communism, potentially the architect of communities today is emerging as a force to reckon with and future restorer to humanity. Understandably, Chinese communism has evolved by mastering capitalism and using it effectively alongside communism. I think this is what KK called Humanism.

  2. China’ puppet tripping over himself in an atempt to align himself with CPC. Nothing patriotic about that sir. You’re just like your competition, he is a western puppet and you’re slowly gaining puppet of the east title.

  3. What is Humanism?
    Humanism in truth does NOT believe in GOD.
    Humanism is the the Devil advising GOD that let the people (human beings) be on themselves.

    To Mr. M’membe; Can you explain what fine tradition is and how to achieve it?
    Do you not see that the process is not simple.
    It is very important to handerstand that words in themselves are simple, but the application is not so simple.

  4. The only harbinger I have with China is their support for dictators who trample of basic human rights ………..

    As long as the Chinese have acsses to contracts………..

    All major powers favour and prop up dictators, in this respect………..

    China must be more selective in who they prop up or people power will sweep them away…………

    The Chinese recored of standing with Africa holds them in high regard…………

    Their projection of power is impressive and welcoming, like the meadiaton efforts to bring Saudi Arabia and Iran together

  5. Bo Mmembe,China right now is persecuting Christians and other religions. Zambia has Christianity enshrined in her constitution. How are you going to embrace communism which is anti-Christian in a Christian nation?

  6. @Spaka you have a valid point but in this situation for Africa and Zambia in particular China is a greater friend to us than the Western nations have ever been.
    Our current economic situation is a direct result of this country turning it’s back on its only true friend in economic development. No other country has assisted Zambia with the level of development aid, how that aid was misused by the PF govt is sadly not the fault of the Chinese.

    We really need to get back to good relationship with China for our economy to be put back on track.

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