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Pamela Chisumpa adductors to appear in court soon-Home Affairs Minister


Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Jack Mwiimbu, says the two suspects in the Pamela Chisumpa and 12 others abduction case are safe and in the custody of the Zambia Correctional Service.

Mr Mwiimbu said the two suspects will be appearing in court soon as investigations have been concluded and the dockets are with the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

He disclosed that the two suspects in the abduction case are classified as high risk and the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security has been applying appropriate measures through the Zambian Correctional Service.

The Minister said this in a ministerial statement in Parliament today to responding to a matter of urgency raised by Mpika Member of Parliament, Francis Kapyanga.

Mr Mwiimbu said on February 26, 2023 around 13:00 hours, the Zambia Correctional Service at the new Mwembeshi Remand Prison and Correctional Centre recorded one escape incidence.

He added that the escape incidence involved two convicts and one remandee who escaped after scaling the perimeter wall fence of the facility.

He added that the two convicts were admitted to the facility for the offence of stock theft while the remandee was admitted for the offence of aggravated robbery.

Mr Mwiimbu explained that on the same date and time, one remandee, who is one of the two suspects arrested in connection with the alleged abduction of Pamela Chisumpa and 12 others, attempted to escape.

“The remandee climbed the wall fence and jumped off but injured himself on landing. He was recaptured immediately thereafter and is receiving medical attention under the custody of the Zambian Correctional Service. The remandee was admitted to the facility in December 2022,” he explained.

He disclosed that there were no gunshots fired at the convicts and remandee contrary to what was circulating on some media platforms.

He explained that the Zambia Correctional Service has put appropriate measures that are consistent with the control and management of high-risk inmates.

“Madam Speaker, the Zambian Correction Service has put in place measures to disrupt attempts to escape lawful custody,” he said.

Mr Mwiimbu further said on 28th February 2023, one of the convicts was recaptured while the other convict was recaptured on 4th March, 2023 around 22:00 hours in Linda compound in Lusaka but one still on the run.

The Minister has since called on the general public to work with the Zambian Correctional Service to curb escapes and provide information that will lead to the recapture of escapees.

Mr Mwiimbu has strongly warned those contemplating escaping from lawful custody, members of the public and individuals with the intention of aiding or harbouring escapees that they will face the wrath of the law if found wanting.

He further appealed to the media houses to be cautious when reporting on issues of security nature as their reporting can have negative outburst.

Pamela Chisumpa and 12 others were found in Lusaka’s Chalala area where they were being kept captive for six months.


    • Compare what Jack has said and the statement that was released by prison authorities. So there’s substance in what News Diggers reported. This case isn’t what it seems. It isn’t among high profile cases like treason that require Ministerial Statements. The UPND must address accusations that their officials are involved. The manner this case has been handled seems to prove that point. May be they’re trying to clean up the mess before they’re exposed.

  1. So why were they denying that the whole story was false when there was something in that rumour as the suspect attempted to escape…why did the Zambia Correctional Service lie and withhold the truth?

    • All governments we have had always take us for children. They forget that such things would somehow come out because someone is bound to whisper to someone that such and such has happened.

  2. Poetic justice for the remandee who had tried to escape. He ended up sustaining serious injuries upon landing on the ground after scaling up the prison wall. At least he has lived to tell the tale. He’s obviously in pain in hospital but normal people are not feeling sorry for him.

  3. Can you update us about the gassers? Its almost two years now from since you have bn in power.
    Who were the gassers?

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