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Catholic Church in Zambia raising money for Cyclone Freddy victims in Malawi


Mansa Catholic Diocese Bishop, Patrick Chisanga, has called on church members in his diocese to help the victims of cyclone Freddy in Malawi. Bishop Chisanga disclosed that the Catholic Church in Zambia targets to raise US$10, 000 for helping people that were affected by cyclone in Malawi, especially those in Blantyre.

He said the disaster in Malawi has not only killed some people but also left thousands homeless and without food.

He was speaking when he addressed the lay faithful at Mansa Cathedral as part of his pastoral visit.

Bishop Chisanga said whatever is happening in Malawi is of great concern to everyone in Zambia hence the decision by the Catholic Church to join all those providing various humanitarian aid.

“Here in my Diocese, I want to encourage you Christians to be generous in giving any kind of help which will be taken to our brothers and sisters in Malawi. The people of Malawi, especially Blantyre, have been left without homes, food, hence the need to help them,” he said.

He further said Mansa Diocese has pledged an amount totaling US$10,000 to go towards helping the flood victims in Malawi.

Bishop Chisanga disclosed that the Catholic Church in Malawi has communicated to the church in Zambia to help them in prayers and also in other ways possible.

“The Bible encourages us to always be there for our brothers and sisters who are in need and that God himself will be able to reward all those who will be generous, and it is in times like these that we as Christians, need to heed to what we believe in,” Bishop Chisanga said.

He has since urged people to continue praying for the people of Malawi even as they are passing through hard period.

Some parts of Malawi have been hit by cyclone Freddy and over 300 people have died while more are still missing.

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