Thursday, May 30, 2024

President Hichilema urges Invest Africa Consortium to consider energy sector


President Hakainde Hichilema has urged a visiting team from Invest Africa to consider investing in the energy sector of Zambia. President Hichilema says investing in the energy sector will give the investors quick returns.

The President was speaking at State House today when Invest Africa Chief Executive Officer, Karen Taylor, and her delegation paid a courtesy on him. President Hichilema underscored the need to also invest in green energy and in the agriculture sector in Zambia.

The Head of State said his administration wants investors to identify joint venture partnerships as they invest in Zambia.

Mr Hichilema added that his administration is in a hurry to grow the country’s economy by promoting domestic and international investment.

He told the Invest Africa delegation that government is creating a conducive investment environment by improving legal and regulatory aspects that may have caused bureaucracy.

And speaking earlier, Invest Africa Chief Executive Officer, Karen Taylor, said her team is in the country to explore possible partnerships with both the public and private sector.

Ms Taylor said her institution is eager to invest in various sectors of the Zambian economy, which include financial services, technology and infrastructure.

She noted that Invest Africa is impressed with the current administration’s economic reform programme, stating that the international strategic institutions are keeping a close eye on Zambia.

She added that foreign direct investment (FDI) can thrive in a friendly business environment.


  1. Invest in Zambia where you can make quick returns; says bashi Promise!!!

    Bashi Promise is allowing investors to invest and make quick returns and go back to their respective countries!! What a shameful statement!!

  2. @Henry stop displaying your ignorence.
    I don’t see Zambians rushing forward to invest. hence the reason that the President is saying what he did.Also when these investors come they will be providing employment for Zambians.
    HH knows what he is talking about because he is a man who learnt from others and then went to set up successful businesses through hardward.
    Many Zambians are too lazy and don’t want to work hard and they expect things to be given to them

  3. I’m tired of these meetings from investers since from unip meetings after meetings which yield nothing, to make matter worse they go with written speeches.Good news is the one which works they are doing the investers not meetings very is no seriousness with those investers.

  4. Ala!!! This small gang is back. These chaps came to Zambia in 2015 hosted by the likes of Sipho Phiri and nothing came of it. Am sure they have seen a soft spot to corruptly exploit this time around. All the best…

  5. We need more investment in science and technology. Our education system needs urgent modification to ensure our people learn how to transform our vast natural resources into high value products. There is too much ignorance about what we have & what can be done. That is why a small Chinese boy can come and start making huge amounts of money from resources we are just sitting on all along.

  6. HH is displaying lamentable naivety. He is ready, it seems, to meet even junk rated investors just to show the public that he is working. Investors do not just come to a country because, as he wrong thinks, he is the president. Serious investors want a total package in the environment they will operate in. Not too long ago he claimed Qataris r coming to invest in the energy sector. That story, like many others, seems to have grown cold. Reality will slowly sink in, l hope, and he will know that being in that seat needs a smart person and not just degrees alone.

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