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Do not dictate Africa’s foreign policy – PF tells USA


……The former ruling party raises concerns over Democracy Summit

The former ruling Patriotic Front, PF, has strongly condemned the United States for dictating foreign policy to Africa. Vice President for the party, Given Lubinda, said the US government must respect the sovereignty of African countries and their right to choose which countries to befriend.

The former cabinet minister and former lawmaker was speaking ahead of the visit to Zambia by US Vice President Kamala Harris and the 29-30th US-sponsored Democracy Summit which the country co-hosts with Zambia along with Costa Rica, the Netherlands, and the Republic of Korea.

The remarks were prompted by the US Strategy Towards Sub-Sahara Africa issued in August last year which, among other things is intended to “counter harmful activities by the People’s Republic of China, Russia, and other foreign actors”. In addition, on 27th April 2022, the US Congress passed H.R. 7311 – entitled “Countering Malign Russian Activities in Africa Act”.

The Patriotic Front is concerned that through these actions the United States is directing Africa’s foreign policy by labeling as hostile acts any dealings with Russia while warning that China does not mean well for Africa.

“We choose who our friends are. America cannot and must never choose friends for us nor dictate foreign policy”, Mr. Lubinda said. In addition, Mr. Lubinda quoted South Africa’s Nelson Mandela who famously said, “If there is a country in the world that has committed unspeakable atrocities, it is the United States of America. They do not care for human beings”.

Both the African Union and the Southern African Development Community have condemned the US “Countering Malign Russian Activities Act” and the strategy that describes China’s actions in Africa as hostile. The PF has consequently warned that should President Hakainde Hichilema align Zambia’s foreign policy with that of the US thereby departing from the non-aligned tradition, the party will be left with no choice but to ask the AU and SADC leaderships to declare the Zambian leader a hostile force.

Political observers in Lusaka have dismissed as cheap and desperate propaganda by the US to label China’s relations with Africa as harmful saying the relationship is marked by unprecedented investments in infrastructure worth billions of dollars. Instead, some historians are pointing to the more than 400 military interventions the US has made across the world in its 200yr-history for purposes that range from overthrowing governments, protecting puppet governments, imposing policy, territorial expansion, seeking economic interests, in search of natural resources, and extending and cementing national influence.

Furthermore, some political observers argue that the Democracy Summit, which some political leaders would rather it was cancelled, is a cover-up for America’s efforts to counter China’s rising and growing influence in Africa while strengthening its own influence.

They say that the countries, civil society, and business houses attending the Democracy Summit are unwittingly aiding the US agenda which some historians characterize as seeking to create the world in its own image, a phrase borrowed from the Christian Bible.


  1. Lubinda you lost your credibility when you and your fellow crooked minister Kampyongo failed to improve conditions of service for those in your ministries. Please talk about the economy and not start distracting people attention from the millions of dollars your PF guys took…you are even part and parcel of the problem with the exchange rate.

  2. We are the only party that cares about our people.

    No matter how tired I can be seeing hakainde on TV always gives me strength to stand up and change the channel


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