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Implications of our president getting soaked by heavy rains


By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a Political/Social Analyst

Last week, President Hichilema made a foray into the scenic mountainous town of Mbala to officiate at the graduation ceremony of the Special Forces (Commandos), aboard a chopper. He had just concluded a tour of the Copperbelt province where he had a series of engagements commissioning or inspecting projects, meeting the clergy and captains of the industry and, of course interacting with ordinary members of the public, among other things.
To borrow the cliched idiom, it was raining cats and dogs! The president had two options available on his plate……call off the event and reschedule it to another day, or make use of the umbrella which was graciously hoisted for him outside the chopper by one of his faithful officials. He waved the umbrella aside and stepped into the heavy downpour and waddled into the mud as the Commandos proudly brought up the rear, very much like troops escorting their heroic commander from a victorious war!

What do we make of this?

The president has sent a strong message to the public, particularly the ministers, technocrats, MPs and councilors alike that being in government is all about service to the people as opposed to self-benefit. He has clearly demonstrated that leadership is all about stepping out of the comfort zone to jump into the ‘thick of things,’ circumstances notwithstanding, and get things done, promptly!

Ministers……are you regularly rolling-up your sleeves and getting soiled as the president demonstrated and helping address a myriad of challenges our people may be grappling with day in and out or you are merely lounging around, if not frequenting boutique hotels to wine and dine? We can’t help noticing that some of you are already accumulating extra layers of fat within a record time!

What about you, the technocrats; are you religiously clearing the backlog of work requiring your express attention on your desks, or indeed swiftly attending to people calling on your offices every day? Would we be wrong to suggest your minds are probably preoccupied with cutting deals and figuring out ways of how best to defraud government as your peers have wilfully done in the past?

The New Dawn Administration has done a sterling job increasing the Constituency Development Fund (CDF)! Are our MPs working around the clock to enhance service delivery in their jurisdictions? Are they embarking on any community projects – fixing feeder roads, constructing classroom blocks and police posts or putting up health facilities?

We would like to believe councilors are domiciled in the wards that they duly represent and are therefore, in constant touch with our people. What are they doing to ensure that residents are regularly being enlightened about waste disposal and that garbage is collected, timeously? Are they mobilizing members of the community to clear the blocked drainages or ensuring that vulnerable people in society are accessing grants or bursaries?

Unless our leaders take a cue from the president and get into action immediately, we shall simply conclude that they don’t deserve to occupy some of those offices. And when the time of reckoning draws nigh, we shall be quick to discard them pronto!


  1. This was a rare demonstration of selflessness by HH. Indeed this a clear demonstration of the concept of servant leadership. HH didn’t want to be the only one to hv protective cover from the downpour when those who were serving him had no such protection. Indeed it’s up to those serving with him in government to know what he expects from them. You want that government driver to drive your children to school when the driver’s children of the same age cannot attend school.

    • He’s the commander-in-chief. He can choose to turn out in civvies or military fatigues. The choice is entirely is. Cheap shots at HH will not deter him.

  2. After stuntman lungus most recent political stunts, we needed to gather a publicity stunt of our own…


    • Kikikikikikiki they are all stuntmen. One doesn’t know he has to dress up for the occasion.
      One even ate a snake-like survivors do.

  3. A very good example of dedication to duty and no one should question this but our problem with him is that he is doing all this to impress his masters who have penetrated our security services. In other words, he is putting a spin on every opportunity. Not surprising if your mentor is no other than the spin cr00k himself Tony Blair.

  4. Chief praise-singer wasting no time in doing what he does best. This was a gallery stunt meant to hoodwink the public and distract us from the many issues this government has failed to address despite the promises.

    So ukupita mu mfula will be bring food on the table?

    • You lazy chap ! So you want to be given food on the table without labouring for it ? Mulebomba ubunang’ani tabulisha akasuma.

  5. I think in zambia we spend too much time on things that are of no consequence. we are discussing pipo walking in the rain when we have real issues that need the attention. kcm? what are we doing with lithium? sugarlite ! our drainage system will we have floods every year ?the dollar is at 20.9 ? what are we doing about tarzama only being able to transfer diesel )are we making sure we will never be plagued by loadshedding again.? these things are news worthy.I think zambias only worry about zambians when in opposition when their leader ascends they worry is he getting praised enough.? I wish we thought differently

  6. Selfless leadership,commitment to duty and a great example to our uniformed servicemen whom we ask to put their lives at risk for Zambians.Kudos HH for that.


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