Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Milupi Urges Private Investment Through Public Private Partnerships as he declares Zambia ripe for PPPs


Zambia’s Minister of Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, Charles Milupi, has announced that the country is fertile for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in infrastructure development. Speaking at a business forum organized by the Invest Africa Mission to Zambia in Lusaka, Milupi said that the government has a lot of viable infrastructure projects that private investors can partner with the government to develop through PPPs.

Milupi highlighted that the Ministry has a lot of viable infrastructure projects in both the road and housing sectors that need funding through PPPs. In the road sector, the country has a lot of viable roads, such as the construction of the Livingstone – Sesheke road and the One Stop border facility at Katima Mulilo, among others. Meanwhile, in the housing sector, there is a housing deficit, and the government wants to partner with the private sector to construct houses to bridge the gap.

The Minister emphasized that the government’s agenda is to find investors to take up these infrastructure projects. He encouraged investors to put in their bids for the many viable infrastructure projects available in the country.

Earlier, the Minister had met with Tendai Kanyumbu, the director for Meridiam Southern Africa, who is also in the country to explore investment opportunities in infrastructure. Milupi said that he thought it was important to share with the citizens how they spent their time during the day.

Zambia has been actively seeking partnerships with the private sector to fund its infrastructure projects. The government sees PPPs as a way to accelerate infrastructure development and bridge the gap in the country’s infrastructure deficit. The announcement by the Minister reinforces Zambia’s commitment to PPPs and provides an opportunity for private investors to partner with the government in developing the country’s infrastructure.


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