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Zambia warned of becoming a danger to the region as it integrates with American system, says Dr Cosmas Musumali


Dr Cosmas Musumali, the General Secretary of the Socialist Party (SP), has warned that Zambia is becoming a danger to the region due to its integration into the American system. He added his voice to those calling for the “government of angels” to review its relationship with the United States.

For some time, sections of society have insinuated that the United Party for National Development (UPND) is a “puppet government” being controlled by the West. There have also been complaints that the UPND is listening more to foreign powers and neglecting the plight of suffering Zambians who ushered them into power in 2021.

Appearing on KBN TV’s State of the Nation last night, Dr Musumali said it was important to review Zambia’s relationship with the US, adding that there are more pressing issues for Zambia and the African continent to consider.

“Let us go back a little bit into history. At one time, Africa wanted to liberate itself. We had formidable leaders, our own heroes. Patrice Lumumba was one of them. What did he say? He said the wealth of the Congo is for the Congolese and the Africans. And that was not good enough for the imperialist world and the US, France, Belgium were against that,” Dr Musumali said.

“Their mandate is to exploit this continent. They are after their own interests on this continent. So let us not be naïve, let us not be lied to. Lumumba was killed because of that. Kwame Nkrumah made the same phrase, any African leader who stands up today and says the wealth which is on this continent is ours is regarded as an enemy to the imperialist world, led by the US.”

Dr Musumali cautioned that Zambia was getting even closer to being integrated into the American system.

“You have seen the MoU that was signed more recently in terms of the issue of electric batteries. We are becoming a new colonial state of the West order and that is what we should be reviewing. We should be looking at the issues that we should not allow foreign forces, foreign armies to use Zambia as a staging ground for protection for American interest. We are talking about AFRICOM and the office that they are setting up here. That office is unwelcome,” he said.

“Those are critical issues on our security, they are critical issues on the security of this region, and in the entire region, most governments are worried about the developments that are taking place in Zambia. Those are the issues when it comes to the US that we should be looking at.”

Dr Musumali also accused the UPND government of being oblivious to the region and not listening to what is happening outside of Zambia.

“If you get into Zimbabwe today and talk to Zimbabwean officials, if they are honest enough they will tell you they are worried about the development in Zambia. If you talk to South Africans, they will tell you we are worried about the developments that are taking place in Zambia. So Zambia is not creating friends in the region. Zambia is creating friends in the US and maybe within South Africa, a small portion of South African white capital,” he said.

He warned that Zambia might be diplomatically isolated if it continues down this path.

“The implications are that we are going to be isolated diplomatically. And the implications are that we are a danger to the entire region. The implications are that even at the African Union level, at SADC Region, we are losing out on that harmony on that cooperation that we used to enjoy all these years,” he said.

Dr. Musumali’s warning comes after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Zambia and the United States on the issue of electric batteries. He argued that Zambia was becoming a new colonial state of the West order, and the government needed to review its relationship with the US. He warned that foreign forces and armies should not be allowed to use Zambia as a staging ground for protection for American interests, referring to the establishment of an AFRICOM office in Zambia.

“Those are critical issues on our security, they are critical issues on the security of this region, and in the entire region, most governments are worried about the developments that are taking place in Zambia. Those are the issues when it comes to the US that we should be looking at,” he said.

Dr. Musumali called on the UPND government to prioritize the interests of the Zambian people and Africa as a whole, rather than being influenced by foreign powers. He warned that any African leader who stands up today and says the wealth which is on this continent is ours is regarded as an enemy to the imperialist world, led by the US.


  1. Zambia has failed to leverage it’s position as a top Copper producing nation to improve the economy….today the Kwacha is moving closer to K22 to the USD. How did we get to this, the exchange rate has never experienced such a step fall. We can’t say it is global because the rate of decline is not the same say with the South African Rand which was lower than the Kwacha just 5 months ago. I think we may have to reconsider using the USD as the reserve currency, we must as a continent move to the Yuan Reninbi which makes sense seeing we as a continent export most of everything to China.

  2. My concern is the economy only I don’t care who Zambia is a friend to or not but in this case being friends with the West is not benefiting this country at all…our exchange rate has gone crazy, there is no tangible Foreign Direct Investment which has come in, only mere promises which never materialize into anything…those are the same promises we had during the MMD days and nothing came just depression…when we say China is a real and reliable friend we speak from what we are able to see, roads, hospitals, stadiums, real investment not promises in the air.

    • @2020vision…I totally agree with you. Most likely, America helped HH and his UPND come into office. So HH feels indebted to them. Meaning he has no choice but to do their bidding, so he can please them, even if to the detriment of Zambia’s economic progress. The solution is to vote HH and his UPND out in 2026. The Americans can take him back with them after he loses, and maybe help him run for mayor in Detroit of Baltimore.

  3. Even before the You_Pee_n_Dee formed grz – just like it was with MMD of the 1990’s – we knew how lopsidedly inclined that party leader was towards the West. It was our choice, let live and let die.
    But high living costs must be questioned. When the Kwacha was up stream, our finance minister and the president took credit, quickly drifting to the media to steal the spotlight.
    Apart from the much awaited debt restructuring plan, what other measures do they have to halt the Kwacha madness, falling down the cliff?
    Economy is biting; food rationing (people need NRC’s to buy mealie meal in Kasumbalesa); fuel is erratic with tideous monthly hikes. It is shameful to see Kwacha perform badly especially under the Neo-Dawn patronage. Can someone say something sensible, please?

  4. Well…. The opposition is right to hold this government’s feet to the fire. However, lets not kid ourselves. The reason why Zambia is in economic doldrums is because PF borrowed an unpayable US $31 billion. Fully 70% of this debt was to the West, and the conditions of this part of our debt are some of the worst ones available on the market. The first Eurobond borrowed by Michael Sata was for $1 billion.

  5. (continued) This required Zambia to pay a “rent” of US $ 10 million a month on it for 10 years. After that the full $1 billion would be due to paid back in 1 installment. Sata was not satisfied, so he went back and got a US $1.2 billion Eurobond, a mere 2 years after the first one. This required Zambia pay the Western bond issuer a “rent” of US $12 million in rent for 10 years, after which the full US $1.2 billion payment would be due in 1 installment.

  6. Sata then tried to get a $2 billion Eurobond, but the debtors knew they had already given Zambia enough bait, and the hook was already deep in the stomach, and so they refused, but agreed to a smaller $750 million loan. This required Zambia to cough up $7.5 million in monthly rate for 10 years, after which it would have to cough up the entire $750 million payment in 1 installment.

  7. (continued) These Eurobonds started maturing in 2011, and Zambia could not afford to pay the US $1.2 billion payment. This is why PF defaulted on the loans. Since then, the second Eurobond has matured and come due, and Zambia does not have the $ 1 billion to pay up. The Eurobonds Sata borrowed were looted by him and his family the same way he looted the nearly $1 billion he found in the coffers, that wars reserved for roads. The bondholders are out for their pound of flesh, and that is why UPND is being forced to dance to this Western tune. This situation is the fault of PF and not of UPND

  8. You seem to be out of touch with events around the world and yet your Leader is a journalist, where do you get such remarks and would be happy to volunteer and craft your messages for audience engagement and stop talking to yourselves when we are the audience. disconnection with your audience cannot be forgiven. You have so much potential but your dream remarks take you away from the target and please seek help and will give it for no charge

  9. Zambia’s economy will only go backwards for as long as we befriend these hostile nations responsible for our misery. If they cannot look after their own people who look like us then what chances do we have to be on equal footing with them? These Muzungu anikonda politicians and cheerleaders really need to look deep into history and try to make sense of our current situation. Once you let them in, they will destroy everything before they leave.

  10. When I reward back in 1990 before general elections in 1991 the post newspaper was born and That time was not a doctor but was called Fred Mmembe The Editor of the great the post news paper and he was very much against the socialism ideologies of UNIP AND KAUNDA GOVERNMENT they where the darling of the west but today he is the Darling of socialism ideologies. It’s very confusing can we trust these politicians and time we tell.

  11. This article is another in the line hogwash procured Lusaka Times.
    What is the danger?
    When you write about danger you need to identify the danger he does not.
    This newspaper is in serious danger of becoming nothing more than a joke and a comic.
    LT there are good things happening in Zambia but you are not reporting, instead you choose to go with misfits and bush politicians like Sean Tembo, Cosmas Musumali, Fred M’membe, Chitalu Chilufya.
    The problem with Zambia is we have too many illiterates who call themselves “doctor”.
    Get some journalists and news reporters rather these propagandist.
    Come on Lusaka Times you readership and the people of Zambia deserve better.

  12. There is no substance in anything Cosmas Musumali is quoted as having said … speculation and hallucinations at best! This is what happens when some people take up an ideology they do not quite understand.


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