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Easing Restrictions on export of agro commodities has positively impacted The Agro Sector – ZNFU


The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) says government’s policy to ease export restrictions of agricultural commodities has positively impacted the agricultural sector.

Speaking in a Telephone interview with ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday, ZNFU Public Relations Officer Kelvin Kaleyi has said that the government has made the environment friendly and predictable for the Agricultural sector.

Mr Kaleyi added that the policy has built confidence for other countries to do business with Zambian farmers, unlike previously when borders were often closed and opened, which disrupted the flow of business.

“That’s how it should be, be predictable, be open. Let other people who want to do trade with you, know that when we engage Zambia we know that this is going to happen,” he said.

Meanwhile Small Scale Farmers Development Agency Chief Executive Officer, Boyd Moobwe said the agency is impressed with the policy.

Mr Moobwe said with the introduction of the policy, the government should put in place regulations and modalities that enhance smooth operational export procedures.

He also noted that such policies are put in place to adrenal critical challenges affecting production, marketing and investment in the country.


  1. ZNFU does not speak for the common small scale or peasant farmer. For a peasant farmer to export their produce it is still an up hill battle. The same ZNFU are the same crooks who benefitted from selective issuing of export permits during PF. They also need to be investigated by the ACC as they were part and parcel of so many dubious dealings. Don’t take people for f000ls we know ZNFU only caters for a small minority of wealthy farmers who don’t even vote. What small scale farmers want is clear open borders to export their own produce no restrictions at all, no one to harass them as if what they are doing is a crime when it is the opposite, preventing a free market is what is killing the economy.

  2. “Meanwhile Small Scale Farmers Development Agency Chief Executive Officer, Boyd Moobwe said the agency is impressed with the policy.” What do you have to say about these then? Are they also crooks and not catering for the interests of the small scale farmers?

    • I’m referring specifically to ZNFU and not this other organisation which very few small scale farmers are aware even exists.

  3. ZNFU is only concerned about the big commercial farmers making big money. They advocated the ban on potatoes and onions. Potatoes are now costing K150 from K80. Onions are now costing K130 from K40. Meantime ZNFU members who are supplying are laughing all the way to the bank having made fools of the government.

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