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Former Archbishop Mpundu expresses concern over UPND administration’s ability to stay in power beyond 2026


Former Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has expressed concern that the UPND administration’s stay in power beyond 2026 may depend on how it handles the current high cost of living and the depreciation of the kwacha. Speaking on Phoenix FM’s Let the People Talk program, he said:

“The UPND government came into power on the promise of improving the lives of Zambians, but the current high cost of living is frustrating many people. The pace at which things are being done by the government is unsatisfying, and if they don’t address these issues, they risk serving only one term in office.”

Archbishop Mpundu also reminded the government of the PF’s loss of popularity due to their failure to tackle important issues affecting Zambians:

“The PF lost popularity because they didn’t address the issues that were affecting the people. The current government needs to learn from their mistakes and act quickly to improve the lives of Zambians. Many people feel betrayed by the government because nothing seems to be happening as promised.”

He also advised the government to tolerate criticism and dissenting voices, saying that this is essential for a thriving democracy:

“In a democracy, we need to tolerate divergence and avoid taking criticism as a personal attack. It’s the only way that democracy can thrive, and the government needs to appreciate this.”

Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Brian Mundubile has criticized the UPND administration for attempting to silence Emeritus Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu. He said:

“The UPND government should allow Bishop Mpundu to continue speaking out freely on national issues. Voices from the church, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders should be allowed to offer their views on how the country ought to be managed. Democracy is measured by how much dissenting voices are accommodated within the political space.”

Mr. Mundubile also reminded the UPND of Bishop Mpundu’s role in the country’s democracy, saying that he had been speaking out against injustice, societal morals, and governance issues for many years:

“When UPND was in opposition, they embraced Bishop Mpundu because he spoke for the masses on societal ills. It’s strange that they now want to gag him by stopping him from speaking. Let the UPND appreciate the role that Bishop Mpundu has played in our democracy and give him space to continue speaking for the masses.”

Mr. Mundubile also highlighted some of the issues affecting Zambians, including the high cost of the dollar, fuel, ZESCO connection fees, and mealie meal:

“The UPND should focus on addressing these issues instead of trying to silence dissenting voices. Bishop Mpundu’s warning of food riots if the cost of living is not addressed is a wake-up call for the government to act quickly.”


  1. Under the prevailing circumstances, i think the UPND Government has done exceedingly well. You cannot expect a miracle in a short period of time. Lets judge them properly at least after 5 years. Too early. Retirees are being paid, some have been waiting for 15 years. We have more power being brought into the grid, Teachers and Nurses transparently recruited. I hope they can work on agro input this year and hope the new development at Indeni will reduce prices of Diesel. We have relative peace now compared to when we were being gassed. So am not as worried as you Bishop

  2. Some one with sense is saying exactly what I have been saying . But the Lusaka times resident retards like spaka mlevu and other rodents will still argue.

  3. Exactly what the church should be doing and UPND should up the game and deliver on its promises to the people nothing new to power. Everyone wants to over stay but only those who deliver survive. Great message by the church keep it up and bring other faith leaders on board and work with government to deliver development through CDF and CEEC

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