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Zambian citizen urges President to protect whistle blowers in fight against corruption


A Zambian citizen, Abraham Alinaswe Simpamba, has written a heartfelt letter to President Hakainde Hichilema, urging him to protect whistle-blowers in the fight against corruption. Mr. Simpamba’s letter has resonated with many Zambians, who are increasingly frustrated with corruption in the country.

In the letter, Mr. Simpamba expressed disappointment that the President has not taken a keen interest in serious allegations against Dr. Musokotwane and Hon. Milupe, despite his commitment to fighting corruption. He wrote, “On principle, whistleblowers must be protected, instead of protecting Munir Zulu and taking keen interest to know what really transpired and questioning your ministers, instead you are fighting and intimidating Munir Zulu. Should we assume that you have an interest in the matter because it doesn’t make sense to protect such serious allegations?”

Mr. Simpamba also raised concerns about missing evidence, such as trucks laden with sugilite, which vanished from a police station under the watch of police officers. He wrote, “What happened to the alleged 3 million from Black Mountain which was supposed to benefit 24 wards in Chililabombwe? Which has vanished under the watch of Paul Kabuswe, your mines minister.”

The letter highlights the urgency of the situation and the need for the President to take strong action against corruption. Protecting whistle blowers is an essential step towards achieving this goal, and it is hoped that the President will take Mr. Simpamba’s concerns seriously and act on them accordingly.

Mr. Simpamba’s letter has been praised by many Zambians for its courage and honesty. One citizen, Nkumbu Mwaba, said, “Mr. Simpamba has spoken for the voiceless in our country. We need more people like him to hold our leaders accountable and fight against corruption.”

Another citizen, Gift Sakala, said, “The letter is a wake-up call to the President to take action against corruption. We cannot continue like this. We need our leaders to be accountable and transparent.”

The letter has also drawn attention to the upcoming by-elections on April 20th. Mr. Simpamba urged Zambians to vote wisely, saying, “Ours is citizens first leadership of the people by the people for the people.” Many Zambians are hoping that the upcoming elections will lead to positive change and a renewed commitment to fighting corruption in the country.

The letter is a timely reminder of the challenges facing Zambia and the need for strong leadership to address them. As Mr. Simpamba wrote, “If our forefathers died fighting for the independence of our country from the hands of the ruthless colonial masters, the ones you are trying to embrace now like angels, who are we to escape that? Though it’s a pity because the battle is amongst ourselves. Mr. President, don’t expect great men to come from heaven to sort out the challenges affecting us but ourselves.”


  1. The Central province minister Credo Nanjuwa has been on record already. No sugilite-laden truck has gone missing. This story has been brought here by the Chied Editor of LT. I would expect him to know this public information.

  2. Munir Zulu is one man who has endured a lot. He’s been victimised by: Parliament Speaker, when he was in error suspended for 30 days instead of a lesser sentence. His fellow MP’s mostly mock him even when he is on the floor debating. They don’t even know how to pronounce his quirky name.
    Now, it is the president’s time to get a shot at him.
    How does the president who is not privy to matters instruct his ministers to sue Zulu for defamation?

    • The law requires the ACC to inform the President of the Republic of Zambia if a member of cabinet becomes subject to questioning by the ACC. This is done to ensure that the President does not continue to trust any member of cabinet who’s under investigation. Had the ACC been questioning Situmbeko Musokotwane and Charles Milupi, HH would have been informed. The fact that he was not aware of any such questioning is sufficient evidence that Munir Zulu was not standing on solid evidence.

    • Thanks. Which is why ACC is in the office of the president.
      But it still does not make the president a legal counsel and spokesperson for his ministers in that manner, neither does it allow him to demean and attack MPs in that uncouth manner by calling him a “mischievous individual who tries to destroy innocent people”.

  3. Hakainde has no brains!! It’s good his real behaviour and attitude are being exposed. I don’t even where the international community is.

    Zambians are not only disappointed with Hakainde but wish they did not vote for him.

    Let us brace for a harsh economic Zambia!!!

    • You will know the true colours of HH as the years go by. And whn that happens, I hope you will be brave enough to accept your error in describing him in this way today. HH intends to clean up all the dirt and cobwebs in the public sector for your benefit. Just watch this space.

    • Henry when have you appreciated Hakainde you priased and supported incompetent Lazy Lungu on LT everyday now you come here to give lectures.

    • @Henry
      As usual with your bombastic claims !!! “Zambians are not only disappointed ….”, just say a few of PF members like you. The majority of Zambians are content with their president DESPITE the hardship they are enduring.
      There is no better option there on the political scene, better than the man you keep insulting day-in-day-out. Mr. Lungu was NOT better either and will NEVER come back!!
      Instead of insulting, you would be much more valuable to Zambians if you could suggest a better person than HH.

  4. My advice to this man is that you will continue to be disappointed under upnd. You were warned about voting for someone who cannot explain the source of his wealth. You then magically expect him to be a steward for the fight against corruption? You are naive sir

    • Humpty Dumpty UK based Troll sat on the LT wall,
      Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
      All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
      Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

  5. Munir Zulu is an MP. whatever he says in Parliament, he is protected by the constitution and therefore does NOT qualify as a whistleblower and such is NOT eligible for protection under the whistleblower act.

    Ask yourself then, as an MP, why does Munir Zulu decide on a Press Conference outside Parliament? If he had the facts why didn’t he go directly to ACC instead of having Press Conferences?

    Even if Munir Zulu, had facts, this case can NOT be taken seriously due to the manner in which it was handled. It comes out to be NOT CREDIBLE. BTW, the ultimatum that Munir Zulu gave has passed, has he come back with the facts he claimed?

    • whatever he says in Parliament? This is very wrong you make it look like he is a Knight or a member of royal family…anyone can be a whistleblower stop twisting matters here. He can not go to ACC as he knows they will not act conference is the best option.

    • A whistleblower, as an informer, is not ONLY supposed to be a MP. Even General Kanene, Tarino Orange or Machayi Mulongoti can report a misdeed or fraud to Parliament, newspapers, press conferences, ACC, police, president, etc. Mind you another whistleblower must have reported to APNAC on which Zulu bases his “mischievous” grounds.

  6. @Henry
    As usual with your boo.mb..astic claims !!! “Zambians are not only disappointed ….”, just say a few of PF members like you. The majority of Zambians are content with their president DESPITE the hardship they are enduring.
    There is no better option there on the political scene, better than the man you keep insulting day-in-day-out. Mr. Lungu was NOT better either and will NEVER come back!!
    Instead of insulting, you would be much more valuable to Zambians if you could suggest a better person than HH.

  7. What nonsense is this?? Where would the case of a whistle blower be conclusively resolved? Such cases are conclusively resolved at the courts of law. So when the president encourages Musokwatane who has already indicated that he will sue Munir and his colleague, what wrong has the president done? Infact the president wants Munir and his colleague to present the evidence to appropriate institutions and not through allegations given to the press. Munir and his colleague are protected and should now present their evidence once sued. The president will also be worried if Musokwatane and Milupi dont sue Munir and his colleague. Lets us stop looking for problems where there is no problem.

  8. The story has now taken a different trajectory of seeking protection as ‘whistle blower’, than bring evidence of alleged corruption by Hon Dr Musokotwane and Mr Milupi. Munir Zulu gave an ultimatum of within 24 hours to let ACC inform the nation about the alleged corruption in his press conference. 24 Hours has passed 7 days since his threats. Munir will not and can not produce any evidence. As a principled individual which he tries to demonstrate under APNAC, he simply needed to lay bare all the evidence he has over this case and the public would be behind him

  9. What is a whistleblower?
    A whistle-blower is anyone who has and reports insider knowledge of illegal, illicit, and fraudulent activities occurring in an organization. And additionally, when called upon can produce irrefutable evidence to support his claims.
    In this instance with Munir Zulu, when he was called upon to provide evidence to support his claim, he could not.
    He is therefore, not a whistleblower but a liar and a slanderer who is seeking to besmirch the good name of 2 people for cheap publicity.
    This is despicable and disgraceful.

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