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Listen to us, engineers plead



THE Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) has urged Government to embrace its expert advice on pertinent issues affecting the nation such as floods, poor drainages and road works.

EIZ president Abel Ng’andu says the engineering council has continued to engage government over a number of issues that are of engineering interest such as the current floods the country is experiencing, poor drainages and road networks.

“We are constantly giving guidance and making recommendations that are somethimes not effected. if we are to achieve bigger dreams, grow our economy; government needs to start listening to us,” Mr Ng’andu says .

During the EIZ Southern Region annual general meeting in Lusaka on Saturday, Mr Ng’andu said climate change has continued to confront the continent, and zambia has not been spared.

” We need climate-resilient infrastructure to withstand the pressures it brings,” he said

Mr Ng’andu told minister of Environment and Green Economy that as his ministry formulates and reviews policies and legislation on green economy and climate change, they should engage the EIZenvironmental engineering professionals.

” Engineers have much to offer in the policy- making process, as well as technical knowledge. Engineers can design and deliver projects that work and provide whole-systems analysis to predict the consequences of policy decisions,” he said .

Mr Ng’andu said in line with the EIZ mandate, they will give expert advice, technical expertise and ensure that the engineering works being carried out are of good quality and acceptable standards.

He also said the EIZ has continued to actively engage and pursue the accreditation to the international engineering alliance.

Mr Ng’andu said the process has reached an advanced stage after meeting with its lead mentor and the senior executives of the Engineering Council of the South African board.

“This will raise our education and engineering standards as well as enable our engineering professionals practice across the globe,” he said

And Mr Nzovu commended the EIZ for its consistent lead role in promoting the engineering profession in the country and ensuring quality and good standards in engineering works.

Mr Nzovu said the EIZ is the voice of the institution that is necessary to protect the public, maintain public confidence, and set and uphold professional standards as well as control risks that lead to societal problems.

“As government, we pledge to support the EIZ as a respected and reliable source of advice and guidance on strategies and policies that use engineering and technology for the benefit of human development and wellbeing as well as sustainable development,” he said

Mr Nzovu said for Zambia to continue to survive and succeed, to defy the odds of history and for its people to always have a better life the engineering capabilities will be key.


  1. Excellence needs no introduction. If you perfect your deeds, you’ll be followed without any pleas. The conduct of engineers in Zambia hasn’t been inspiring. Most of them are mere fitters trying to repair what others have done. And given chance, their performance has been below par. How many shoddy works have they approved? Government has lost colossal sums of money because of shoddy work by contractors and supervising engineers. I wonder why some aren’t in prison yet

  2. IT specialists at ZICTA have failed to protect citizens against scammers. They have failed to protect us from Chinese phones that come with pre-installed programs that chew our bundles. Dare make a bad joke about the great leader and see how they’ll hunt you down. Look at the stretch that was done by Zambian engineers on the Solwezi – Chingola road? What can inspire somebody to consult EIZ? Just continue to collect subscriptions and fees and continue to chew them

    • Its not only “Chinese phones that come with pre-installed programs that chew our bundles” All phones are made like that. My Nokia came with these programmes

  3. How can we listen from you?The president went to Kariba and lied that Kariba was leaking. You just kept quiet. He should listen from you not you listening to him. He is a person who knows it all. He ended up misleading the nation. You are there to lecture him. Not him lecturing you.

  4. We will listen to you when you stop putting ENG in front of your names which is only done here and nowhere else. The normal practice is to write your name followed by qualifications in abbreviated form. This demeans your profession and renders it useless.

  5. Ma Engineer bathu nabo so we should call Minister of Finance as Economist Musokotwane. DeadNBC Director general Journalist Berry Lwando, Lawyer Edgar Lungu, Green economist Nzovu yayaya!

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