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We must protect the restored peace – HH


President Hakainde Hichilema has stressed the importance of protecting the restored peace in Zambia. Speaking at a funeral in Monze on Sunday, the President emphasized that the country should move forward in a more civilized and peaceful manner.

According to President Hichilema, the restoration of peace in Zambia has paved the way for progress in various areas, particularly in creating job opportunities for the country’s youth. He called for a renewed focus on education and the rebuilding of infrastructure as key steps towards realizing this goal.

The President’s remarks come in the wake of a period of political unrest and uncertainty in Zambia, which culminated in his election as President in August 2021. His administration has since taken significant steps to restore stability and unity in the country, including reaching out to opposition parties and working towards reconciliation.

President Hichilema’s emphasis on protecting the restored peace is a timely reminder of the importance of maintaining stability and unity in Zambia. It is only through sustained efforts to promote peace and stability that the country can progress towards a brighter future.

In recent months, the Hichilema administration has also launched several initiatives aimed at improving the lives of ordinary Zambians. These include measures to reduce poverty and increase access to healthcare and education.

However, the President’s call to protect the restored peace is a reminder that such efforts can only succeed in an environment of stability and security. As Zambia moves forward, it is essential that the gains made towards peace and stability are not undermined by political or social unrest.

The President’s message also underscores the importance of working towards a shared vision of progress and development for the country. By focusing on education, infrastructure, and job creation, Zambia can build a more prosperous and equitable future for all its citizens.

President Hakainde Hichilema’s call to protect the restored peace in Zambia is a vital reminder of the importance of stability and unity in driving progress and development. As the country moves forward, it is essential that efforts to build a brighter future for all are not undermined by political or social unrest. By working towards a shared vision of progress, Zambia can build a more prosperous and equitable future for its citizens.


  1. Where I come from there’s a dance we call Akalela. In this there’s a part where we sing FORWARD MAMA FORWARD regardless of whether we’re moving backwards, it’s still forward. This is our current situation.

  2. 1. President Hakainde Hichilema how will your government restore peace in Zambia? As you have rightly pointed out in your article, creating job opportunities for the country’s youth, renewing the focus on education, and rebuilding infrastructure are key steps towards realising this goal and preventing civil unrest. However, do you have precise statistics on the education levels of citizens, categorised by age groups? No one should be left behind. The literate and illiterate groups of citizens should be included in your agenda and developed concurrently. Develop policies that would include all citizens in your investors’ programs.

  3. 2. To achieve this, you require an administration that shares your vision of caring for citizens, prioritizing their needs above their own, and possessing the necessary expertise to drive your progressive agenda and bring about a more prosperous and equitable future for all citizens. It is also crucial that you provide evidence of these achievements to the citizens, including tangible proof such as pictures, names of communities, and a sustainable plan to ensure that these communities do not regress to their former conditions. It is high time that we see factual evidence of meaningful change in the lives of the people.

  4. He conveniently forgets his cadres beating up Lovemore Phiri in Petauke broadcast station, Zambia Police officers beaten by UPND cadres on the CB, Tayali harrangued by Chingola UPND cadres, UPND cadres beating up a policeman at Kalambo Road in lusaka cbd, etc etc

    • Obsefa… Kwacha clinic was ransacked and perpetrators were given just a slap on wrist, when he came for Youth day in Kitwe Upnd cadres run a mock and have been left alone by the police. A Upnd cadre who has been threatening violence on social media has ignored “police summons”. Like I say, when you are in charge you don’t see the violence because it’s in your favor.

    • Isolated incidents that are being investigated……….

      You can’t compare what we have now to the complete arnachy lungu and PF Preisided over…………

  5. To take a walk out as early as 19.00 is an invitation to criminals. To visit an atm, use a nice a phone, a laptop, to drive a nice car… We cant sleep at night for fear of being mugged. We are afraid of leaving our homes for fear of having the house ransacked.

    If YOU are no longer being persecuted by politicians, that does not mean the rest of us 18 million people are at peace.

    On your watch… while you are busy galavanting the globe, criminals have overtaken our freedom! Is this peace??

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