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PF deserves credit for Kafue Gorge Lower Power Station – Mabumba


Former Energy Minister David Mabumba has praised the Patriotic Front (PF) for their role in the commissioning of the Kafue Gorge Lower (KGL) Power Station. He also disputed President Hakainde Hichilema’s claim that the PF had damaged Zambia’s relationship with China during their tenure.

Speaking in an interview,Haimbe Mabumba credited both the UPND and PF for the completion of the KGL, but specifically highlighted the efforts of the previous government. He stated, “The PF are the ones who need to be commended, it’s the previous government. I’m a politician and I speak freely, they are the ones who executed that particular project.”

Mabumba went on to explain that it was the PF who initiated the KGL project and that it took the previous president, Edgar Lungu, to ensure its completion. He added that the UPND government should also be credited for the project’s successful commissioning.

Contrary to President Hichilema’s statements during the KGL commissioning ceremony, Mabumba claimed that Zambia’s relationship with China was in fact fantastic during the PF’s tenure. He argued that it was the previous government’s strategic partnership with China that enabled the country to secure funding for various development projects, including the KGL.

The KGL Power Station, which was commissioned on Friday, is expected to increase Zambia’s electricity generation capacity by 750 megawatts. The project, which was funded by China’s Export-Import Bank, cost approximately $2 billion and took over five years to complete.

During his speech at the commissioning ceremony, President Hichilema acknowledged the PF’s role in initiating the KGL project, but also criticized their handling of the project, which he claimed had damaged Zambia’s relationship with China. He called for a review of all projects funded by China to ensure that they are in the best interest of Zambia.

The commissioning of the KGL Power Station is seen as a significant achievement for the UPND government, which has been in power for less than six months. The project is expected to alleviate the country’s persistent power shortages and attract foreign investment to Zambia’s energy sector.

However, the controversy surrounding the project’s funding and execution highlights the challenges facing the new government as it seeks to balance the country’s development needs with its financial obligations. President Hichilema has promised to prioritize transparency and accountability in all government projects, including those funded by China, in order to avoid a repeat of past mistakes.


  1. Credit definitely goes to the contractor
    all PF contribution was the debt increase so infact we we really own it at this stage ?

  2. What credit? Thats whats wrong with you Zambian politicians. Always in a hurry to give yourselves credit. Yet you all do nothing in your offices. People shouldnt claim credit for growth. Thats what we expect any economy to do.
    Some people have already given themselves credit for what we are asking them to do. Yet they havent done it.

  3. @Kadansa: Bro, so you want the Govt/Officials to only take blame when things aren’t done right? What is wrong in taking credit if they do something right and positive for a change? Yes, we expect these Govt bureaucrats to always do right and what is expected of them. But that has never been and will never be the case even if you had Angels in offices. So, when they do right let them take all the praise and credit they deserve. And when they do wrong, lambast them and let them take the blame. Fair, right?

    • Yambayamba we are a poverty stricken nation sitting on abundant wealth because of poor political leadership. Its time our politicians started performing. No politician should be patting himself on his back with such a miserable record as Zambia’s. Politicians will be credited when Zambia performs like its contemporaries such as Singapore. Singapore born at the same time as Zambia doesnt have abundant minerals like Zambia-but has no unemployment problems and is a middle income country while Zambia is an LDC. What do they have that we dont? Leadership

  4. If HH believes that the PF Govt damaged our Country’s (Zambia) relationship with China (which I absolutely think it is just a figment of his rich imagination,) how then does he hope to repair this relationship by IGNORING China? So far he has been to Washington/U.S.A how many times? And how many to China? Now is Vice President, Kamala, coming to Zambia and you think China doesn’t feel NEGLECTED and spat upon?

    • Continue….

      Your Alignment with the WEST, the U.S in particular, is pretty obvious and loud for everyone to see and hear….who are you kidding? Your blaming the previous Govt for what they did NOT do (vis-a-vis Zambia-China relationship) is simply a mighty DEFLECTION from your failure to engage the Chinese respectfully. So, STOP the blame game and show us how you intend to engage with China. It is past due already, you are the President now!

  5. OK ba LT, so any comment about the Zambian President is now akin to a slur or !nsu!t such that it has to “await moderation”??? What is this?

    Show my comments, there is nothing wrong or derogatory about them. Please do not act like your are the GATE KEEPERS to the President’s psych or ego. He is the President of our Republic, I am pretty sure he can handle criticism just fine!

  6. It was an MMD project, initiated by LPM and ground breaking by RB in 2011. PF cancelled it when they came into power only to restart it after having wasted 5 years. Same contractor only difference was the cost which the PF inflated.

  7. But PF failed to finish the project.
    Exim bank even stopped giving the PF any more money for the project cause they defaulted on loan payments
    KGL was even built at double the cost meaning more Nkongole(700 million under MMD, but $1.2 billion under PF)
    In the end PF-150MW UPND-600MW + 12MW


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