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Ex-Brighton midfielder Enock Mwepu declared healed of his hereditary heart condition by clergyman – Zambians react


Zambians are weighing in on a video circulating on social media that shows Former Zambian professional football player Enock Mwepu being prayed for by Pastor John Anosike from New World Faith Ministries in Cape Town. The clergyman declared Enock Mwepu healed of his hereditary heart condition. During the prayers the clergyman said that two angels had replaced Enocks damaged heart with a new one.He assured the football player he would go back to playing football.The clergyman also encouraged him to have the internal cardiac defibrillator which he referred to as “iron” removed because he was now healed.

The Ex-Brighton midfielder had his promising football career cut dramatically short, with a serious health scare that forced him to hang up his boots last year.

Mwepu narrated how he was on a plane and was given something to eat during the international break in October last year.

“A friend just gave me a sweet, and then from there I just collapsed and I had heart palpitations.”

He added that he went back to the United Kingdom where they inserted a defibrillator to prevent heart palpitations.

Before his retirement last year, he played in all six of Brighton’s Premier League games.He also made 27 appearances for the club since signing from Red Bull Salzburg in July 2021.

Mwepu had 23 international appearances for the Zambian national team, scoring six goals in that time.He now works at Brighton as an Under-9s coach.

Some reactions to the video

Nothing wrong with going to Church but if a Papa tells you Angels have operated on you and that you should get your defibrillator removed then that Papa is fake and does not mean well. Mwepu was not poisoned as claims the Papa.

Mwepu needs more counselling on his heart condition, not those dangerous lies from so called Papas.
We want Mwepu alive, get those Papas out of his way!

(Ventricular cardiomyopathy- A genetic condition )
1.Papa touches his right side of the chest as physical examination thinking the heart is on the right side
2.Papa claims angels visited right there and then and did heart transplant
3.Papa tells Mwepu to immediately go and request that the defibrillator be removed as he has a new functional heart
My country people can we not experiment with our health please think of the many people that have died of HIV/AIDS because they got healing prophecies from papas !!
Hmm .

Before any aid put in the body is removed – doctors ascertain if the organ is back to normal and possibilities of removing the aid won’t cause any possible health complications.
God is a God of order. If one was HIV Positive and went for prayer – there must be a medical report from health institution to prove indeed the person is positive. After prayer – the person must do further tests to ascertain indeed has become negative. Otherwise – on what basis is the devil going to be put to shame if there is no proof of results? This I speak to you as a man of God hoping to help someone reading.

In the case of Mwepu – doctors will assess before accepting to remove the device or not.All in all – Jesus must be honoured

As we now say..”we never left God,we left the churches”There’s no way we should be playing with people’s lives like this


    • I dont doubt God’s power. When he performs his miracles, he communicates to you. But I doubt many of today’s so-called prophets.

  1. Disappointed in this young man. How does he fall for false prophets lies. Just take care of yourself and follow doctors orders.

    • Rightly put mudala, the young man should heed the doctors’ advice period. These papas are there to make money and fool the gullible blind followers.

    • The young man is very desperate to heal, but he needs to be careful. False prophets can smell desperation from million miles away

  2. People have died of things like AIDS because pastors have advised to abandon medicine and concentrate on prayers.

  3. Its shocking that a person who is so well exposed can lower himself to such levels.
    I don’t understand the desperation.
    Did Brigton terminate his contract as a youth team coach?
    Many football pundits in England advised him to get his coaching badges(Euro A licence). Is he actively pursuing this?
    Mwepu can live a long and prosperous life as a coach, soccer analyst etc even with that heart condition.
    President HH should counsel the young man.

    • Lower himself? Yes you can harshly talk from your comfortable space as a couch spectator. He is living with the ailment. You arent. Are you a psychologist? Or you just want to grandstand?
      So if you wont understand the desperation dont comment on it. Your coarse comment only demoralises him. The Bembas say ichikalipa chumfwo mwine. Whatever he tries to do dont condemn him. Why should HH counsel him? Is he a reknowned spiritual counsellor?

  4. That Papa is taking advantage of Mwepu’s desperation to be healed…. Let him just concentrate on his coaching career. We understand his desire to play but he contribute to the games he loves in many ways. These Papas will just be taking advantage of him.
    What will happen when he goes to the doctors and he is told his heart is just the same? Will he believe the doctor or go with the Papa?
    We love Mwepu and wish him a long life.

  5. Ba LT you havent told us who wrote the “Some reactions to the video” Some reactions to the video by whom?

  6. These people are going to kill this person. If mwepu thinks he is healed and that he can play his normal game then he is taking a huge risk that will take his life and who will be to blame?

  7. In Zambia! Man how did we get it so wrong as a people?
    Some time back I had to threaten some fake Prophet to return my sister’s money or I was going to take him to court. Apparently he claimed the thieves who broke into her house would turn themselves in and return the stolen goods.
    I asked him to return the money immediately. He initially pushed back by claiming that the money paid for “holy water”, and I told him I would buy him a bottle of water and give it back to me. He finally sensed I was not kidding and agreed to refund the money.

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