Thursday, June 20, 2024

ZRA revises passenger clearance operating hours at Kasumbalesa border post


The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has revised operating hours for passenger clearance at the Kasumbalesa border post from 18 hours to 24 hours.

In a statement issued to the media in Lusaka today, ZRA Corporate Communications Manager, Oliver Nzala, said the revised hours are with immediate effect for both on the Zambian and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) sides.

Mr Nzala said the revision of operating hours is part of the resolutions of the meeting between ministers responsible for Commerce and Trade from the Zambian and DRC governments, which took place on 6th March, 2023 in Kasumbalesa.

He said the two revenue administrations will continue working out mechanisms to attain the same operating time for commercial cargo clearance in due course.

Mr Nzala explained that the two governments are committed to resolving challenges, including the need to increase operating hours and improvement of key infrastructure around the borders.

“Recognising that both countries derive immense benefits from the flow of trade since time immemorial, both parties agreed that all border agencies of both countries put in place procedures to allow for 24-hour border operations at Kasumbalesa,” he said.

He added that Sakania, Mokambo and Kipushi borders are also earmarked for 24-hours border operations.

Mr Nzala said at the same meeting of ministers in Kasumbalesa, the two countries also agreed to, in 12 months, operationalize a One Stop Border Post, for all borders adjoining the Zambia and DRC, starting with Kasumbalesa.


  1. Upnd has failed. For the first time in decades by businesses are affected by incompetence at the borders. I am losing millions every day you farkers!

  2. I arrived at 03:30 in London from Paris using the underground. I was cleared and left for Birmingham. In Africa we make such travel deliberately difficult because the colonisers had made it difficult for us. So we thought thats the way things should always be. Trapped in the box of colonialism forever.

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