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Priest Requests Medical Verification For Mwepu’s Miracle Cure


Catholic Priest Fr. Henry Tyola says the alleged miraculous healing of former Chipolopolo and Brighton midfielder Enock Mwepu from a heart condition must be verified and confirmed medically.

Pastor John Anosike of Word Faith in Cape Town, South Africa has declared that 24-year-old Mwepu has been healed of his heart problem.

Mwepu was forced to retire from playing last year after being diagnosed with a heart condition that medical experts in England warned could end his life if he continued playing football.

Commenting on the trending story, Fr. Tyola, of Holy Saviour Catholic Church in Chiwempala, Chingola, said faith should be combined with reasoning.

He observed that many people have died because some clergy advised them to abandon medication on the pretext that they have been healed.

“I strongly believe in miracles after prayer. As Men of God, we should avoid finger pointing because it will bring about divisions among friends and families. Our role model in ministry and our sole master Jesus Christ did not finger point because he knew what such action could bring among the people,” Fr. Tyola stated.

“Let us also remember that grace works on nature, we need to combine faith with reason. When Jesus healed the 10 lepers, He told them to go and show themselves to a priest.(Lk 17:12-19).We have lost a lot of people simply because some faithful papa advised them to stop taking medication after convincing them that they are ‘healed’ and they paid tithe for the healing,” he said.

The miraculous healing of our Computer must be verified and confirmed by science, that’s my advice, otherwise, follow the advice of the medical staff, God really works in these guys trust me,” Fr. Tyola said.

Mwepu in a video that has been trending online has been seen being prayed for by a Pastor who claims that the young star’s heart condition has been healed.


  1. We have f00Is in africa. If this boy believes he is cured, I dare him to remove the fitted machine on his heart and run around.

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