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Honourable Munir Zulu Arrested for Tribal Remarks Against People of Bweengwa


Independent Member of Parliament for Lumezi, Munir Zulu, has been arrested and charged for expressing hatred, ridicule or contempt towards persons because of race, tribe, place of origin or colour. The charges come after alleged utterances he made on March 28, 2023, at Longacres Police Post car park after his release from police custody.

Honourable Zulu was released on police bond pending court appearance. The arrest follows his statement that villagers from Lumezi were more intelligent than those from Bweengwa.

Last week, in response to the arrest, the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) has cautioned Hon. Zulu against tribal talk. The UPND National Deputy Youth Chairman, Trevor Mwiinde, said in a statement that they had welcomed the arrest and charging of Hon. Zulu, adding that he had sunk so low into cheap tribal talk.

Mwiinde stated that the people of Bweengwa were peaceful, loving, hardworking and intelligent people, just like those found in all the 10 provinces of Zambia, including Lumezi. He further condemned the use of inflammatory language by Munir Zulu, which he described as a danger not only to him but also to the country.

“Munir is on record of having openly spoken against a particular tribe where he alleged that no one from that tribe can become Head of State. If all he has in his head is tribe than we would like to advise him that Zambia is bigger than his clan,” Mwiinde said. He called on Zambians to ignore tribalists like Munir Zulu, stating that they have the capability to bring about instability in the country.

Mwiinde also expressed disappointment in Hon. Zulu, who he described as a disgrace to the youth populace. He added that instead of being a shining example of youth leadership, Hon. Zulu had embarrassingly allowed himself to be used by selfish elements whose aim is to make the country ungovernable.

Zambians have been urged to shun tribalism and embrace unity for the sake of national development. The government has reiterated its commitment to ensuring that hate speech and tribalism are not tolerated in the country.


  1. Tongas are just a problem. Why is it that other tribes are insulted but they don’t take it to heart like Tongas? They are very sensitive with tribal hogwash. People should even be scared to talk about Tongas because they will be scared of being arrested of tribalism? You are not the only tribe in Zambia.Grow up and stop looking at yourselves as special human being who cannot be criticized.

    • mbaluso

      That like saying black people are too sensitive to the name nigger when uttered by white people……….

    • Tribal remarks are a no go area and anyone who issues them must be reprimanded unless they are issued in the spirit of mbuya. One Zambia one nation by brothers and sisters. We have come a long way together.

  2. There’s that Tonga woman from Kafue her name is Buumba. In all fairness she should also be arrested. I’m busy looking for that video where she is issuing tribal remarks. Otherwise these clowns want to divert attention from the real issues… allegations against Musokotwane and Milupi.

    • Buumba said that Tonga’s should vote for Tonga’s, not sure what is tribal about that.
      Let me give you two examples to show that Munir deserves to be arrested.
      Example 1. Suppose I as a Tumbuka said that Tumbukas are intelligent.
      Example 2. Tumbukas are more intelligent than Bembas.
      In their ordinary meanings, the statement 2 belittles Bembas. In a casual environment this would be a normal conversation but utt ring such words as a national leader is criminal.

    • @Chiza Chirwa, so you are not seeing tribal in the statement ”Tongas should vote for Tongas” There is something wrong with your thinking. That is why, us Tumbukas, sometimes our thinking is that of uzeleza.A person wants her tribe to vote themselves. And you cannot see tribalism in that? A Chiza ndimwe bawakawaka. Zeru mulijiletu mumutu winu

    • Chiza Chirwa sounds more criminal than Munir for giving examples that show his own hatred for people of a different village.
      By the way, why hasn’t our finance minister sued Munir to date? What has Milupi said about it. The aim here is to see what the Lumezi boy is made of before they break his spirit.

    • If a bemba said Bembas should vote for Bembas it would be headlines…. what does it mean when someone says they should for their tribe? Come on man this is pure tribalism.

    • #Mulongoti Munir has the information on these two gentlemen. Upnd like previous administrations have taken advantage of the system to quench the fire. Total abuse. We shall only the truths after these clowns have left office.

    • A little too late but here is me explaining my earlier statement. Buumba’s utterances cannot result into a court conviction. How were Tonga’s cast in a bad light by her statement of saying Tonga’s should vote for Tonga’s? There is no criminal element there.
      However, Munir’s statement infers that people from Bweengwa are not intelligent. The people from Bweengwa are affected and cast in a negative light.
      Whilst bother statements are not ideal, one has a risk of conviction. If I said I only date Tonga women because they are the most beautiful. That statement is okay, if I say that Tumbuka women are ugly then I have committed a crime. For anyone logical enough, I hope you see my point.

  3. The police and social commentators should be careful not to assume that a village/constituency or town is the same as a tribe. The population in any one of these places might not constitute a homogeneous group.

    • Well said…we people from the Copperbelt are more intelligent than the people in Lusaka… would that mean Lambas are being tribal against Solis? Some tribes are just oversensitive.

    • “…….we people from the Copperbelt are more intelligent than the people…..”

      You mean intelligent in stealing ???

    • Dejavu

      “…….we people from the Copperbelt are more intelligent than the people…..”

      You mean intelligent in stealing ???

  4. If this chap does not mature soon, i see him finishing very quickly like the front tire of a corolla. And it appears there are no elders where he comes from who can sit him down

  5. Munir’s statement was directed at ONE PERSON.
    Unless you have forgotten, that person is a Bweengwa village boy, a cattle herder and rural setup survivor. He is our able bodied Republican president.
    The police should not fight the presidents contests. The president likewise mustn’t fight his ministers’ battles.

  6. Teach that boy some manners while he is in the cells……….

    It worked on tiyali, who watches his mouth these days ever since he claimed being beaten in cells…………..

  7. Now that the Summit for Democracy is over, we need a Summit for Mealie Meal.

    Because unga wadula kuipa

  8. Why should he be arrested for telling the truth?. People who are practicing tribalism are not being arrested.See the people appointed in position at ministry of education,zesco directors,judicially,ecz,zaf,zambia army,ZNS,police.Tribalism at best and you want intimated us.Kutupampa

  9. As a leader, why this cheap talk about other people! Real leaders discuss progressive ideas. I wonder whether this is the yardstick to measure the youth of today.

  10. Dr Sondashi as North Western province minister: 1) No recruitment from outside the province
    2) For those in Solwezi for either training or something else only Kaonde language will be the medium of communication
    3) On employing only people from the area, if I can’t employ my relatives who is going to employ them?
    Nobody complained.

  11. There’s a common saying among Bemba speaking people…aba bemba baliitemwa nga ba mu promota alaba na ba bululu bakwe. Abanensu balikatana, balafwana. Meaning Bembas are selfish, once they get into a good position, they forget all their relatives . Other tribes are united and they support each other.

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