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Poor state of roads leading to constituency offices worries Speaker


Speaker of the National Assembly, Nelly Mutti, has bemoaned the poor state of roads leading to National Assembly constituency offices in the Copperbelt Province.

Ms Mutti has also bemoaned the insufficient space around most of the constituency offices.

She noted that it will be difficult for Members of Parliament to interact with the public regarding many developmental programmes such as the increased Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

She said members of the public will need to interact with the constituency offices staff as they seek help on how to go about accessing CDF money.

Ms Mutti also called on government to work on the roads leading to constituency officers so that people can easily access the offices.

And Ms Mutti said her visit to the Copperbelt Province has given her first-hand information on what is prevailing on the ground.

The Speaker of the National Assembly said she will now appreciate some challenges that Members of Parliament raise in parliament.

She is in the tour of all constituency offices in the Copperbelt Province to appreciate the challenges the staff are fa


  1. Useless…is it only roads that lead to the useless places that are important? What about my road for which I pay all sorts of taxes and levies.

  2. She must also bemoan the poor state of roads leading to people’s homes in Chilenje, Kamwala South, Mtendere, John Howard, ziko lonse. Have any of you politicians visited your neighbour Rwanda and asked yourselves what does Kagame have in his head that HH, Lungu, Mwanawasa, Sata, Banda didnt or dont have?

  3. Thank you madam speaker for the timely observation. And you are doing a good job in Parliament. But please help tame young parliamentarians without respect and manners. Let them enjoy their liberties and freedoms but cane them so that they can raise issues in a civil manner

  4. Look at the state of her face! Yucky. A speaker that uses jaribu. She wants to look like kamala but ended up looking like a rotten tomato kikiki. She is one behind the arrest of my brother munzir. Fuseke chi tomatao

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