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Zambia Chambers of Commerce and Industry urges members to import mealie meal to meet local demand


Zambia is experiencing a mealie meal shortage, which has prompted the government to take action. The Zambia Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI) is urging its members to take advantage of the government’s move to allow the importation of mealie meal and to utilize the quickened process related to the acquisition of import permits. This will help avert the situation and satisfy the overwhelming demand for mealie meal in the country.

ZACCI President Chabuka Kawesha has called on all provincial chambers, district chambers, and member associations to take the message to local business communities and respond to the call to import the commodity to meet local demand. If there are any unseen rigidities at this stage, members can send feedback directly to the Ministry of Agriculture, or its various representative points or through local chambers.

In addition, Agriculture Minister Reuben Mtolo has disclosed that the government will release 65,000 metric tonnes of maize to millers this week to suppress the current demand for mealie meal. Although Zambia has sufficient grain to last the country for another one to two months, Mr. Mtolo is concerned about the pressure from neighboring countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania that do not have enough maize stock. This is creating anxiety and may cause current stocks to deplete if nothing is quickly done.

However, the government has put measures in place, such as strengthening the monitoring of border areas, to reduce the continued illegal smuggling of mealie meal into neighboring countries, which will help in protecting the available maize stock. The government will also allow mealie meal exports to help other countries in need of the commodity at a given period of time.


  1. Where are we going to import from when our mealie meal is being smuggled into neighbouring countries? We have the capacity to feed all the eight neighbors but we don’t have the brains to feed ourselves.
    While has smuggling all of a sudden become an issue when it has always been there all along.

    • Chipante pante govt……They exported electricity. It backfired. They exported maize it has back fired. Now they are going to import back the same maize they exported…kikikiki. When Tayali talks sometimes listen.

  2. No importation should not be allowed this will affect amongst other factors the exchange rate greatly. There are alternatives to nshima our people can eat such as rice, cassava and millet. Besides harvest of maize is very soon.

    • So you can afford rice? For those who can’t afford mealie meal how do you expect them to buy rice. Come on people, call a spade a spade instead uselessly protecting your party.

  3. Make contractual agreements to grow maize for export only. This will earn us forex. FISP subsidised maize must be for local consumption. This year’s harvest will be poor because of the FISP inputs distribution fracas. Need to rethink this FISP subsidy. It’s too inefficient, riddled with corruption from top to bottom. Reminds of Lima bank and the national losses suffered therefrom. Suffice to we need to always feed ourselves as a nation, but let’s be smart how feed ourselves

    • The corruption in Fisp was a figment in the mind of Mr Hakainde. It was created so that he could give contracts to Upnd financiers but they didn’t have the capacity. You see when you inherit some responsibility don’t discard the systems without a thorough study.
      When I got my passport I got without any hurdles but today it’s different, it’s almost impossible to get it.

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