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Common sense dictates M’membe at 64 and co-accused could not have attacked UPND camps, says Dr Haabazoka


Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka, an economist and a lecturer at the University of Zambia, recently posted his thoughts on the arrest of Fred Mmembe and his co-accused. M,membe is the Socialist Party President who was arrested over the weekend on charges of assaulting UPND (United Party for National Development) supporters. Dr. Haabazoka argues that the arrest of Mmembe is not a wise move by the government, as it will only increase his popularity and create sympathy for him.

Dr. Haabazoka begins his post by stating that it is common sense that Mmembe, who is 64 years old, and his co-accused, who are both 61 years old, cannot be attacking UPND camps. He points out that he has been reading Mmembe’s posts since 1991 and has never seen him engage in violence. Dr. Haabazoka also notes that it is common for ruling party cadres to attack opposition political leaders, and he believes that the government should not be associating Mmembe with such violence.

The economist goes on to recount a personal experience from 1990, when he witnessed opposition activists being beaten by UNIP supporters in full view of the police. He believes that such incidents are not uncommon in Zambia and that the young generation may be fooled, but not the older generation who have witnessed such events firsthand.

Dr. Haabazoka then offers some advice to those in government, arguing that they should focus on actions that make their leaders more democratic and good in general. He believes that the arrest of Mmembe will only dent the government’s image and promote him as a politician. Every time Mmembe appears in court, it will be a campaign rally, which is not good for the government’s image.

The economist also points out that Zambia is currently facing several challenges, such as a shortage of money in circulation and mealie meal shortages. He believes that the government needs to be careful about the actions it takes and the messages it sends to the people. Dr. Haabazoka argues that a message of hope is very important if citizens’ hearts are to be won.

Finally, the economist advises the government not to proceed with Mmembe’s case, as it could harm the government’s image and create sympathy for Mmembe. He notes that the Green Economy Minister’s gesture of visiting Mmembe was a good move and that it showed maturity. However, he believes that Mmembe should be released, as it would be the right thing to do.

In conclusion, Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka’s post offers some valuable insights into the current political situation in Zambia. He argues that the government should focus on actions that make their leaders more democratic and good in general, rather than arresting opposition leaders. He also believes that a message of hope is essential if citizens’ hearts are to be won, and that the government should avoid actions that could harm its image and create sympathy for its opponents. Overall, his post is a thoughtful and thought-provoking piece that is well worth reading.


  1. Those of us who discourse with Mmembe know that he likes boasting about his gun. And how he could shoot his attackers

    • People like Fox News knew too well which method to use to calculatedly implicate Fred: when you agitate and corner him, with a physical confrontation, he will go for his gun. From there, he will be incriminated. It was a trap and he fell for it. Poor Fred!

  2. Mr Haabazoka makes a lot of sense. What is happening is that Mr M’membe is slowly but surely coming into focus by what the government thinks it’s doing to fix him. Some people outside of UPND might just begin to pay attention to what is happening to him. Zambians will always sympathize with those deemed to be on the receiving end. Don’t forget where you’re coming from

  3. Instead of his body guard firing the gun, Mmembe fired the gun himself.
    Imagine KK , HH or Mwanawasa moving around with guns.

  4. Even as a theoretical argument Lubinda Habazoka’s position is flawed because I have seen older criminals than Fred M’membe. American singer Marvin Gaye was shot dead by his father.

  5. The instructions to arrest Fred have been initiated from our presidents bosses overseas. They are not happy with the comments he made which have gone viral. This democracy is turning out to be worse than socialism.

    • It was when he featured on RT that he was deemed violent, a terrorist and a person who’s movements must be halted. There, he insulted and demeaned the West. Its time they hit back.

  6. Is it legal for a civilian to move around with a gun and to fire it in public in Zambia? If it is illegal, then the authorities have a solid case against him. There is really no need for anyone, Haabazoka included, to give an ill-informed opinion about the matter.

    • It depends on the type of firearm. There are firearms that civilians can own with a license from the state. But you cannot legally own an AK-47 rifle as that is for the exclusive use of the security services. You can carry a licenced firearm even in public but it should be concealed and secured.

  7. Haabazoka is “Dr”? Nothing he is quoted as having said makes sense at all — anyone who breaks the law must face the consequences … that’s what it means to have the “rule of law.” “Sympathy for M’membe”? “M’membe’s popularity”? Hallucinations at best!

  8. The purpose Of owning a firearm is to defend yourself against perceived threats. Whether the threat presented itself in public. Fred is been hunted for his comments on gays and lesbians. What’s disturbing is people on this platform and around the country are supporting the action by a government that has been bought by the international community and will stop at nothing persecuting those who speak against gay rights.

    • Well, you can blame the West all you want, but we are a country of laws. If your apparent hero did not fire his gun and did not conceal his weapon, he wouldn’t have been arrested. Even in the USA where gun ownership is guaranteed by law for most citizens, one would surely be in trouble with the law for firing a gun in public. Some of us would not want to live in a country where gun-totting is an excusable offence, and gun owners fire their weapons in public for no apparent reason.

  9. Tekere Banda is north of 80 if I am not mistaken and pretty much synonymous with violence. The idea of associating age to anything is cliche and Habaazoka knows it. That being said, let’s just allow decency to prevail so that all these theories and conspiracies do not need arise.

  10. Someone owns a gun to defend oneself from percieved attackes.It noti up to the police but the court to decide if Dr Mmembes life was threatened in anyway.The courts will need to know Who has violent beheavuour between Fred and cardres.can Fred attack UPND cardres?Did HH attack PF carderes in Sesheke?

  11. There are very clear rules on when to use a fire arm in Zambia and they are very restrictive indeed but that is the law. Fred is not the first one to be charged on contravening this law. Even when it is not really in public you have to prove your life was in serious danger.

  12. So the police is also invloved in resolving the shortage of mealie meal and the debt restructuring? You see why our education is useless and this is an economist at our top university. Now, we understand why there’s no engineer who pioneered anything noval in Zambia and the rest is history.

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