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Government will not complete or commission poorly constructed infrastructure initiated by communities


Minister of Information and Media, Chushi Kasanda says government will not complete or commission poorly constructed infrastructure initiated by the community.

Ms Kasanda said government will not allow a situation where money is spent on infrastructure that will be a danger to the public and will not stand the taste of time.

The minister was speaking when she inspected a dormitory at Mulungushi Secondary School, a community project under construction.

Ms Kasanda directed that government should not spend Constituency Development Fund (CDF) on such projects which do not meet the minimum standards.

And Chisamba Town Council District Planning Officer Chota Ngulube, said the local Authority has started sensitizing the public on the guidelines to be followed when constructing infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Minister of Information and Media, Chushi Kasanda has called on Chisamba residents to take advantage of various empowerment programmes offered by government to better their lives.

Ms Kasanda who is also Chisamba Member of Parliament (MP) said residents should utilize the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to acquire skills and start up businesses.

Ms Kasanda was speaking during a project monitoring and sensitization meeting at Nyankanga Primary School.

she emphasised the need for residents to form Co-operatives so that they can benefit from CDF and other empowerment programmes.

Ms Kasanda also announced that Chisamba Town Council through CDF has procured equipment such as bull dozer, compactor and water buzzer to help work on roads in the district.

Ms Kasanda said the local authority will soon start working on the road network through out the district.


  1. Whe I say Chushi Kasanda is ill-qualified to a Govt Spokesperson here is a typical example right here in this article. It seems she is clueless on how CDF works if a school applies for CDF for a new domitory they submit the building plan and bills of quantity for the proposed building. If the request K250,000 and their application is successful what you should expect on completion if their are no anatural disasters in the area is a fully completed building block. If this is not the case then someone has helped themselves to the funds and ZP and ACC should be involved. The local council is not going to authorise construction of an unsafe building.
    I repeat again ..please appoint another Govt Spokesperson for your own good not this young clueless girl!!

  2. This is an extremely jaundiced posting. Chushi Kasanda is speaking as MP for Chisamba here and not as GRZ’s public face.

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