Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Dump truck kills 76 year old woman


A 76-year-old woman has died after a dumpster truck crashed her at the Chunga dump site in Lusaka.

Tikulileni Tembo , was hit by the dump truck’s bucket, while she was scavenging at the dump site.

Police Deputy Spokesperson, Danny Mwale confirmed this in a statement availed to ZNBC today.

Mr Mwale explained that Ms Tembo was among several scavengers who rushed to a truck whose driver was in the process of dumping waste, when the accident happened.

He added that the woman who sustained head injuries, was rushed to Chingwere hospital where she was pronounced dead.



  1. Old people have been reduced to scavengers by new doom government.

    Where is Hakainde who is been saying that they are taking carer of old people. This has never happened in all governments.

    • Scrounging is a very old “trade” requiring no retirement age. Scavengers behave like marketeers. They escort and run after vans farmers use to bring in farm produce, hoping for the best catch or found. First come first offer basis.

  2. Our solid waste management is very poor. Use of inferior trucks, tractors, tribikes, “canters”, posing physical harm to people, ferry rubbish with much of the filthy dirt falling off before reaching disposal sites. Very bad system. Even trucks with standard collection boxes have leakages. Maintain strict safety and health at our junkyards.

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