Thursday, May 30, 2024

Xiomara Mapepa will rise up like a Phoenix


By Paul Shalala

Xiomara Mapepa is like a young sister to me. Her elder sister Nziyo Charity Agape Mapepa is a childhood friend, we were in same class from Grade 1 to 7 at Kasalu Primary School in Nangoma, Mumbwa and to date we are still very good friends.

Xiomara Mapepa spent her childhood at her grandmother’s house in Lubanze Village of Mumbwa which is less than 200 meters from our farm were I grew up. Her grandmother, who we call Bamuka Jairo, is a friend to my mother.

I saw Xiomara grow at the village as a small girl, she was actually an orphan after losing both her parents at a tender age.

Later, my elder brother Oliver Shalala gave her an opportunity to play professional football at The Elite Ladies FC and she shot to fame and played in the Copper Queens, scoring critical goals at Africa Cup and in qualifiers.

Despite what she is going through, we as friends of the Mapepa Family we shall stand with Xiomara and she will pull through.

In life we all go through ups and downs and Xiomara will rise above what has happened and she will bounce back stronger than before.
I stand with you mwanichangu, you shall be great again.
Love you Skamale


  1. The problem is that it’s not ordinary indiscipline…..we are told she was caught taking dobo. To rise from this will be a miracle.

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