Sunday, June 16, 2024

Bursary Wrapped in Food Wrapper!


By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a Political/Social Analyst

While fatigue was fast beginning to take its toll on him, pangs of hunger were equally devastating his stomach. He desperately needed to drop something into his stomach…….to replenish his energy. It hadn’t been a good day for him. He had spent the whole day traversing the width and breadth of the city in hot pursuit of odd jobs to raise money to help feed his family – his mom and 4 siblings.

Their father abandoned the family when he was merely a toddler. He still had difficulties recollecting his face. Their mother now had to raise the family alone working as a house help in affluent neighborhoods. As he found his way back home pondering his future, he came across some ladies selling food stuffs. He got himself 2 fritters and made himself comfortable under a massive umbrella tree.

As he was slouched against the tree munching his fritters, he slowly unruffled the food wrapper and gave the writing a cursory look. “Names of successful applicants for bursary,” the heading on the paper read. He browsed through the list slowly, his heartbeat palpitating spasmodically. The name on number 3 looked very familiar. It was definitely his name.

Having applied for a bursary a year earlier, he kept wondering when he’d get a response from the authority. As he came to the tail end of the list, his heart almost jumped out of his body through the mouth! “All the successful applicants are expected to report and complete their registration formalities by Friday failure to which the opportunity would be extended to others…..” the statement read.

He threw away the remaining fritter and took to his heels, immediately! He was literally flying. By the time he walked into the office of the District Social Welfare Officer, he was huffing and puffing uncontrollably…..his clothes totally drenched with sweat.

The lady was just preparing to leave the office. After taking a casual look at him, she shook her head sardonically and offered him a seat. After verifying his identify, she handed him some forms to complete.

“Well…..” she said as he looked at her anxiously. ” You can report at your college on Monday.”

Nelson went down on his knees, looked above and made a cross, “Thank you Lord for this miracle!”


  1. Well, this speaks volumes. Insightful and heartfelt even as short as it it. We do need to inform success candidates differently.

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