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Former Zambian President Lungu was ready to hand over power to Speaker during 2016 petition, reveals conversation with human rights activist


Former Zambian President Edgar Lungu was reportedly ready to hand over power to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Patrick Matibini, when a petition was brought against him in 2016. This revelation was made during a conversation between Lungu and human rights activist Brebner Changala, as part of a series of discussions by Amos Malupenga with memorable personalities. The discussion also touched on the transition period after Lungu lost power to current President Hakainde Hichilema in August 2021.

Lungu emphasized that he freely conceded defeat and offered to help his successor in whatever way possible to ensure a smooth transition. He also discussed the events of the 2016 elections and the debate that ensued, suggesting that he was ready and willing to hand over power to the Speaker during the time the opposition pursued a petition against his re-election in the Constitutional Court.

Lungu further stated that he had summoned Dr. Matibini to State Lodge with the intention of handing over power to him. However, after a long discussion, Speaker Matibini advised against it as there was no legal basis. The Attorney General shared this view. Lungu continued to serve during the petition period, and he expressed that he was falsely accused of holding on to power illegally.

The conversation between Lungu and Changala lasted for over three hours and touched on various cross-cutting governance issues.


  1. Yeah, right. And it only took Lungu 7 years to tell us that!!! It will be interesting to see where all this trooping to Lungu’s residence trying to rebrand him and re-write history will lead us to. Whatever the plan, its unlikely to end well. A few people will make a few coins in the process though.

    • I also wonder what this story is about. Poor unclear reporting doesnt help but at the end of the day what are you trying to tell us? We will ask what is this propaganda for?

  2. Only an attorney-general such as Likando Kalaluka would have rendered such warped legal advice. And only a president such as Edgar Lungu would have accepted it. Patrick Matibini knew the law but he did not want to play the role of attorney-general.

  3. Yes……..why didn’t lungu tell the nation at that time ?????

    It is now becoming clear lungu operated a GRZ that scared and cowered very body in government.

    Lungu held the most ministerial portfolios before the presidentcey………

    He Knew how to pull all the strings without saying a word……….

  4. I dont know what you Lusaka Times news reporters smoke but anyway , whatever it is , and if its weed then that weed is supplied to you by Lungu himself. Thankyou

  5. You expect us to believe this story? You have really got a very low opinion of us Zambians.

    I for one donot believe a single word in this feeble attempt to rebrand Lungu.

    PF is the true representation of hypocrisy, lies and lawlessness.

  6. Really laughable…as 2Pac used to say ” does a bear sh%t in the woods and wipe its behind with a rabbit”

  7. I thought that it was Patrick Mvunga that prevailed on him because that provision violated the constitutional principle of separation of power

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