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Zambia’s President Urges Citizens to Maintain Orderly Conduct Amid Mealie Meal Crisis


Zambia’s President Hakainde Hichilema has responded to the recent mealie meal shortage affecting some regions of the country. In a statement, the President acknowledged the severity of the situation, especially with the commodity shortage in neighboring countries. He also mentioned that an emergency response has been activated to address this specific situation.

The President appealed to the citizens to uphold the interventions implemented by the government and maintain lawful and orderly conduct. He also assured the public that the measures taken will improve the situation and that the government will closely monitor developments on the ground.

However, in Kazungula district, mealie meal traders have threatened to pull out of business if the shortage of the commodity persists. A random check by ZANIS at the Kazungula market area revealed that most of the shops dealing in mealie meal have run out of stock.

Mealie meal trader Brighton Mwampole stated that it has been a month since he last stocked mealie meal at his shop. Mr. Mwampole attributed the shortage to mealie meal suppliers not willing to sell the commodity to retail traders buying 200 or more bags. He also cited National Milling, Choma Milling, and Simba Milling companies as suppliers of mealie meal who have imposed restrictions in Livingstone, adding that such measures have affected retail traders from Kazungula who are unable to continue with the mealie meal business.

Mr. Mwampole and other mealie meal traders called for government intervention over the matter, as there will be no profit in selling mealie meal to consumers if they are being restricted to buying a few bags from milling companies. They also expressed concern that other traders could hike the mealie meal price to cover transportation costs, making it difficult for consumers to afford the commodity.

As the government implements emergency measures to address the mealie meal shortage in the country, it is imperative to ensure that all regions have access to the commodity to prevent price hikes and undue economic strain on citizens.


  1. Refreshing for a change that the PF isn’t being balmed here. I ask again, has the government banned the export of the commodity? Last I checked HH allowed the export of mealie meal. I know we are catching smugglers but are legal means still allowed?

    • 1. HH was warned by experienced cabinet members, that this overhaul changes you are making will create problems. If it’s not giving a pass to your friends to export maize, it’s exporting electricity which has expended ten-thousands of small scale businesses from doing business during the day such as metal-fabricators, fast foods outlets, barbers & hair-salons etc.. – who are the job creators. . Or it’s, telling lies that money is in the bank for medicine, when people die due to lack of medicine.

    • 2. Leadership requires listening to people that you don’t like – as long as the wisdom they offer benefits the nation. Don’t tell people to be of order, when their stomachs are empty. Bob Marley sang a song about – “An Hungry Man Is An Angry Man.” Things will get worse because this season you failed to deliver farming inputs on time to farmers. So produce will not be produce enough maize for next harvest season. Stop being (Mr. Know-It- All). You are putting the nation at risk.

  2. Let him first lead by example by going hungry first and then acting in an orderly way. If he himself has not been acting orderly on the economic situation of our country on a full belly then what sort of hypocrisy is this? Bwana 2H, gone are the days when you thought the Zambian people are so docile. This Generation X has no patience or boundaries. Continue with your rhetoric, the kids are already planning your successor.

  3. increasing in order to reduce……Nalumango economic theory,
    Exporting in order to import… mutolo theory on international trade.
    Business and Economy students are confused !!!

    • The did economics when the internet was more like wishful thinking. Imagine these people are probably still referring to those outdated books. Ati degree holder…we should make them retake their degrees to be in tune with modern times.

  4. Remember what moved out KK from government it will equally do the same to you HH and your government, play with the people of Zambia not their Food.

  5. There’s a difference between a man who has food without a struggle and a man who has to struggle to get food.
    It’s a shame that a country which had excessive stocks can suddenly come to this.

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