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HH Betrayed by Ignorant and Arrogant UPND Members


By Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe

HH is making the same mistake RB made, thinking that people are intelligent enough to decided on their own what’s right and assuming they know. Mwanawasa also made the same mistake but he realised it faster. If people only use logic MMD would not have lost the elections.

Today, it’s mostly crooked UPND members benefiting more from the Government; these cant even defend him unless with sticks and stones. Instead of convincing people they are arrogant and boastful.if they cared about the President and not their stomach; they will be convincing and pleading with people. Bu boss attitude niku office and not politics, you can be right but if insolent in politics you still don’t get the vote. Remember when we talk about shortage of Meds, fertilizer, Mealie Meal and theft sugilite even ordinary UPND voters see these things, and when you dismiss us with arrogance you think you have won? Lol this is politics.

Mwanawasa abandoned such a people but RB and Lungu made a mistake of keeping and prompting them, they both lost. Mwanawasa stopped “defending” against Sata, but made sure very issue that Sata rised was sorted out. He knew he was fighting for people’s hearts but UPND are still drunk with their last victory that they can’t see what’s going on.

To be honest on average i write two articles everyday, most of them i can’t even post because I feel sorry for HH; for now. He is bein betrayed by his people because of their ignorance and arrogance. Hearts and Minds and not Stick and Stones.

The UPND members that can defend him intelligently and out of principle are poor with no voice or positions .The Good Samaritan helped because he had money to pay for the injured man on the road, otherwise he could have just passed by as well.

My stance or perception is that the majority of Zambians are not that well informed but extremely emotional even the most educated ones. So you cant leave it to them to see or do good, you have to invest resources in the right characters to influence your ideas on the masses. The characters defending HH are not helping him, they adding more to the injury.

Sometimes the garden boy takes the madam because he manages to appreciate her.


  1. These people are very close to the president
    1) Mutale Nalumango… when asked on why that USA Veep didn’t call upon the former president “Even in tradition such people (imbeciles)are hidden when an important person visits your house.
    2) Chushi Kasanda on the same issue” I Kamala visits Edgar Lungu, then she can visit Sean Tembo too.
    If top ranking government officers can talk like this, what can you expect from a member at Kulima Tower?

  2. Vely boling article as usual. HH is working, they left him vinkhongole fulu fulu, and they want him to do miracles

    • Imwe address the article as it’s. All nations have loans. Everyday we are reading about countries trying to borrow from the IMF or negotiating payment of loans. Zambia is not alone.

    • They left him?? He could see the nkongole so he knew what he was inheriting. He wanted to take over the nkongole so he has to defeat it or LEAVE. Dont start looking for excuses.

  3. The most poorly written article on Lusaka-times. Was the writer in a hurry, drunk or delusional? I doubt the name of this writer. it appears like someone just made up this article… This is very embarrassing.

  4. Does it make sense for Zambia to buy GMO maize for DRC? What is in it for Zambia? Since when did we become mediators? Why can’t DRC buy their maize from RSA? Is it for Zambia to sort out Congo problems? Is it true our strategic maize is unshaken and intact? How does our government hope to effectively and proactively deal with maize shortage after this firefighting is over?

    Betrayal?? He is not double crossed; he is the one who has deceitfully broken faith with Zambians. No one has betrayed our president.

  5. Everyday same stories talking things not helping development in the country I hope some of you talking a lot against 2H even reach up to your extended families . Lord have mercy

  6. God is Merciful. Always He gives us leaders, to teach us, save us or for whatever reason. What leaders turn out to be is not His responsibility. He is God of Love, who tells us to love our leaders and enemies alike as we await the coming of His Kingdom. But He does not stop us from checking, misconstrued as hate for, these leaders. Every man’s inclination is greed that consumes both leaders and followers. God save us all.

  7. This article indicates that the writer is a crooked person who is turning politics to be a game of just winning elections.
    The writer must understand that politics is a wide scope that can help you, your country to abate certain things in the present and the future.

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