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Legendary Muna Singh snr dies


The motorsports community is in mourning following the passing of Muna Singh Senior, a two-time Africa Motor rally champion. The 53-year-old driver died in India after a battle with illness. The news was confirmed by Zambia Motor Sports Association (ZMSA) President Sam Chingambu in a statement to ZNBC News.

Singh was a prominent figure in the African rally scene, his driving skills earned him a reputation as one of the best in the business. He won the Africa Motor rally championship twice in his career, with his first victory coming in 1994 and his second in 1996. Singh’s success on the rally circuit inspired a new generation of drivers, and his legacy will live on in the sport for many years to come.

Singh’s death has come as a shock to the Zambian rally community, where he was a respected figure. Many have taken to social media to express their condolences, with tributes pouring in from fans and fellow drivers alike. ZMSA President Sam Chingambu described Singh as a “great ambassador for Zambian motorsport” and expressed his condolences to the Singh family.

Singh’s passing has also been felt beyond the African rally community, with many in the wider motorsport world paying their respects. The FIA, the governing body of motorsport, issued a statement expressing their sadness at Singh’s death and offering their condolences to his family and friends.

Singh’s career in motorsport spanned several decades, and he was known for his speed, skill, and determination on the rally circuit. He competed in rallies across Africa, including in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia, and was a regular feature in the Africa Rally Championship. He was also a familiar face in the Indian rally scene, where he continued to compete until his retirement from the sport in 2010.

Singh’s death is a loss to the motorsport community, and he will be remembered as a true champion of the sport. His legacy will continue to inspire future generations of drivers, and his contribution to the sport will not be forgotten. The thoughts of the entire motorsport community are with Singh’s family and friends at this difficult time.

As news of Muna Singh Senior’s passing spreads, fans and fellow drivers have shared stories of his impressive career and his impact on the sport. Singh was known for his skill behind the wheel, but he was also respected for his sportsmanship and his dedication to the rally community.

Singh’s success in the rally circuit was not just due to his driving abilities, but also his commitment to preparation and teamwork. He worked tirelessly with his co-driver and support crew to ensure his car was in top condition, and he was always ready to help fellow drivers who encountered problems on the track.

Beyond his driving achievements, Singh was also a mentor to young drivers in the sport, sharing his knowledge and experience to help them improve their skills. His passion for motorsport was infectious, and he inspired many to take up the sport and follow in his footsteps.

Singh’s death is a reminder of the risks involved in motorsport, and the need for safety to be a top priority in the sport. The rally community has lost a true champion, but his legacy will continue to inspire and guide future generations of drivers.

As the motorsport world mourns the loss of Muna Singh Senior, fans and fellow drivers are honoring his memory by sharing stories and memories of his life and career. Singh’s contribution to the sport will not be forgotten, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of drivers.


  1. This family has put Zambia on the sports map. Yes they have been “great ambassadors for Zambian motorsport”.
    His uncle -In indigenous culture called father- Satwant Singh was eight times African Motor Rally champion. The story implies he died of a disease related to Motor Sport. Whats this?

  2. These are individuals who deserve national day of mourning NOT POLITICIANS…Rest in Peace Muna…..God bless

  3. These are a Motor Rally family I remember Satwant Singh who is the brother to Muna’s father Guru Singh…when we were young and playing with wire cars we always wanted to be Satwant Singh.

  4. Great loss indeed. Condolences to the Singh family.

    Yes @Tarino, I also remember the Days of Satwant Singh’s dominance in the sport of Motor Rally. The Singhs have been outstanding sports ambassadors for Zambia for a long time. Go well sir.

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