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Over K300 billion transacted via mobile in one year-Mutati


Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati has disclosed that over K300 billion worth of mobile money transactions were recorded in Zambia between 2021 and 2022.

Mr Mutati said the 300% growth in mobile money transactions over the same period is consistent with the overall growth of the ICT sector in Zambia.

He said the roll out of new technologies such as 5G by players such as MTN has also increased the level of ICT adoption and usage in Zambia.

Mr. Mutati said 5G connectivity is increasing which makes Zambia one of the big boys in Africa with regard to technology.

Mr. Mutati was speaking during the opening ceremony of Huawei’s Telecom Congress at the Lusaka international Convention Centre (LICC) on Thursday.

He said government and other ICT players now have to sort out issues around increased access, availability and affordability of ICT products even in rural areas.

Mr. Mutati also revealed that government wants to erect an additional 300 phone towers this year but emphasized the need for technology providers to also provide cheaper financing options for the towers.

“The old model of erecting towers must be revisited. Government wants to deliver 300 towers across Zambia but with technology we have seen today, we can deliver more than 300 towers with that same pot of money. We don’t want to see a 60 meters tower in the game park, let’s take usable towers to areas they are needed the most. We also need appropriate financing to make connectivity faster but we don’t have a lot of money,” Mr Mutati said.

Mr. Mutati stressed that no government can go digital without connectivity and that the solutions show cased such is cloud computing are able to increase data security and reduce data losses.

He singled out 5G as an enabler of digital industrialized adding that it has smart campus solutions have also the power to transform the education sector.

The Minister commended Huawei for sponsoring the event and called on more collaborations to integrate advanced solution in order to boost Zambia’s growth.

And Huawei Vice President for Carrier Business in the Southern region Chen Li called on the private sector and the government to embrace advanced technologies to boost Zambia’s social and economic growth.

He said building digital infrastructure and providing services and talent are the three cornerstones of the digital economy era.

Mr. Chen explained that Huawei has evolved and it is currently providing latest technological products and solutions ranging from 5G, Fintech and rural connectivity.

He added that Huawei can provide 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G as solutions to enable users to enjoy higher quality data services, and also provide cost effective rural connectivity solutions.

“According to African insight into the market, when 4G penetration rate exceeds 25%, the demand for home connections will explode rapidly and our rural connectivity solutions, we have the construction cost reduced by 10% to 30% and enabling more people to connect to the world” Mr. Chen said.

Mr. Chen reiterated that Huawei remains committed to share is global experience with Zambia.

Zambia’s first ever Telecom Congress is aimed at exploring more opportunities to support the country to meet evolving technological demands and accelerate its growth.

The congress themed “Lighting up ICT for Zambia Digital Life” has brought together ICT industry organizations, government regulators and carriers to share and exchange view points on various topics affecting the industry.

The Congress it is a replica of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) annually held in Barcelona and Huawei seeks to create lasting value for its customers, working to empower people, enrich home life, and inspire innovation in organizations of all shapes and sizes.


  1. You were in MMD, PF and now you are in The UPND govt…is this morally and ethically speaking normal? Are there no real UPND guys that can try take up that role? Even putting ba Cannius Banda there is better.

  2. Ctn…
    And the guy also comes from the ZCCM family of General Managers that is the Shamutetes and Mutatis which means they were also UNIP before they were MMD….no this is not right…are there no other people who can do these tasks…is it just the same people…ba youth where are you???

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