Wednesday, May 29, 2024

President Hichilema Assures Zambians of Sound Economy


Republican President Hakainde Hichilema has reassured citizens that his government is committed to pursuing an ambitious economic and social transformation agenda for the country. Speaking during an impromptu walkabout in Livingstone, the President promised to leave no stone unturned in creating an enabling environment to create jobs and business opportunities for all people.

President Hichilema, who was in Livingstone to officiate at the opening ceremony of the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) 10th Annual Conference, took time to interact with citizens and hear first-hand the challenges they are facing. He thanked them for their continued solidarity and support as his government continues to serve them and run the affairs of the nation.

“We are determined and working hard to bring back an economy that was brought down to its knees,” said President Hichilema. “Our administration remains focused on turning around the country’s economy and creating an enabling environment to create jobs and business opportunities for all people.”

Scores of Livingstone residents stormed the streets chanting the slogan, “Bally Bally”, as President Hichilema took time shaking hands with them. This is a clear indication of the people’s confidence in the President’s leadership and his administration’s ability to deliver on its promises.

The President’s walkabout in Livingstone is part of his administration’s efforts to connect with citizens and hear their concerns first-hand.


  1. Yes the economy was kneeling but you have now made it to lie on its back. I wish all these ministers can exchange places with the ordinary Zambian so that they can also exercise the patience they are demanding from us.

    • Naimwee……….

      You can’t compare the rotten economy under PF where all money in circulation was borrowed money…….

      Now we have

      …… education
      ……….Meal allowances for high education
      ……….increased cdf from 5 to 25 million
      ……….increased number of student loans
      ………No load shedding
      ……….Increased medical peronal

    • Spaka… what free education f.o.o.l? If it’s good why are parents fighting for places at private schools. And how much were people paying in GRZ schools before you introduced ” free education”? Don’t play on our minds. By the way as damage control your father has sacked Kajoba.

  2. I hope that you’ve appreciated the statement from ECL and that it has opened your eyes. You have vultures in your midst and if you don’t act they’ll sink you. Th youths whom you promised the Black Mountain haven’t benefitted. The people who used the 1st Lady’s name in illegal mining activities haven’t been punished but instead wrong people have. FISP will sink you, watch the players closely. MoH will sink you. There are many grey areas. Please take time introspect. You’re not special, so don’t think that everyone in your team is working with you

  3. We are working………

    Much a work to do……….

    There was a blip in the supply maize meal…….

    And all the doom praiseees were jumping like monkies………..

    Mwa chepa sana……….

    • Spaka…ati no Loadshedding…do you really hear what you are saying…no mealie meal shortages will be your next claim f.o.ol

  4. @ Spaka
    Your UPND friends are getting rich Zambia you still on Lusaka Times blogging 24/7…..find something meaningful to do with your life

  5. What is happening to garbage collection in Lusaka? Our bins are full and the companies that the Council designated in our areas and forced us to register with are nowhere to be seen. We have been waiting for four whole weeks. Does the President need to sort out garbage collection as well? Does he need to visit Chunga dump site? Where is the Minister? Where is the Mayor? Where is the council?

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