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President Hichilema fires Lemmy Kajoba appoints Graphel Musamba as new Inspector General


President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia has made significant changes to his government, which include the appointment of a new Inspector General of Police, eight new Permanent Secretaries, and the termination of four Permanent Secretaries’ contracts. President Hichilema has relieved the former Inspector General of Police, Lemmy Kajoba, of his duties and appointed Graphel Musamba as the new Inspector General of Police.

In addition, President Hichilema has relieved Deputy Inspector of Police Doris Nayame of her duties, pending re-deployment, and appointed Alita Mbahwe, former DEC Commissioner, as the new Deputy Inspector General of Police Administration. Yvonne Mpundu, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, has been transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture as Permanent Secretary, Administration.

Moreover, President Hichilema has terminated the contracts of four Permanent Secretaries, Wisdom Bwalya, Perpetual Mphande Chuulu, Danny Mfune, and John Msimuko. Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Permanent Secretary in-charge of Administration, Chembo Mbula, has been transferred to Cabinet Office as Permanent Secretary Special Duties, while Chilufya Darko will now serve as Permanent Secretary Cabinet Office. Professor Jackson Kasonka, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health, will be re-deployed.

President Hichilema expressed his gratitude to the former Senior Government Officials for their individual contribution to the nation and wished them well in their future endeavors. He also appointed eight new Permanent Secretaries, including Dr. Hapenga Kabeta as Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development, Naomi Tetamashimba as Permanent Secretary Special Duties at Cabinet Office, and Hope Situmbeko as Permanent Secretary Administration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Other appointees include Lillian Bwalya as Permanent Secretary Administration at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Subeta Mutelo as Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Christopher Simoonga as Permanent Secretary Administration at the Ministry of Health, Professor Albert Malama as Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development, and Dr. Douty Chibamba as Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment.

Meanwhile, speculations remain rife that Kajoba’s dismissal may have been due to his recent exposure of corruption involving Special Assistant to the President for Legal Affairs, Christopher Mundia.

Kajoba had revealed that Mundia instructed the suspension of investigations into the misappropriation of $15.5 million that was paid for the Ghanaian Former Expatriate Teachers Coordinating Committee. The Inspector General of Police reported that payments were made to Zambians who were not beneficiaries of the money disbursed in 2021, including Mundia himself, who benefited from the funds to the tune of K1.5 million. Mundia is therefore a suspect in the investigations and is accused of abusing his office for personal gain, lying about the President’s involvement, and undermining the integrity of his profession.

Despite Mundia’s denial of the allegations, President Hichilema took action and dismissed Kajoba and four Permanent Secretaries. The President has made it clear that he values truth and honesty and will not tolerate corruption or unethical behavior within his government. However, some speculate that the dismissal of Kajoba may have been due to his revelations about Mundia and his involvement in corruption.

It is important to note that the reasons for Kajoba’s dismissal remain unclear, and any speculation regarding the matter should be treated with caution.


  1. Madness can be described as running towards dangers when everyone else is fleeing. In other words HH decided to hire the criminals we fired, and expected miracles. Even kalylaya we fired but he rehired. Poor decision making. He is not fit to be president. Degrees ,masters and stolen money don’t make you a leader. #Bring back ECL

  2. This dismissal has not been done in good faith. Kajoba in court betrayed HH by telling the court he couldn’t continue with an investigation because he was waiting for instructions from the president. And the following day he’s fired.

    • Kikikikikiki! Really! He admitted to receiving instructions from State House! What a dumb cop! What a dumb copolitician!

    • Kalunga Kalunga…he even mentioned one Christopher Mundia as the contact person the president was going to send etc.

  3. It seems HH has redefined the job of the Permanent Secretaries. Whoever he thinks needs a job he appoints as PS special duties. It’s the first time that each Ministry has 2 PSs and quite a good number at both Cabinet Office and State House. What job is Patrick Mucheleka? These are ghost workers under HH. Finshi nacita, ne mulanda winewine?

    • Civil Servants have been crying since 1991 that politicians have invaded their jobs. A serious civil service does not have political appointees. Normally, Civil servants work their way to the position of Permanent Secretary but now politicians want to reward all their cadres with government jobs. The result is incompetence because these appointees do not sit and pass civil service exams. Since MMD the worst has been UPND with PF a close second.

  4. On national interest, he was picked from retirement – unemployment – to serve for 1 year eight months. He goes back to completely retire now. Rest in peace. We can speculate anything because no one can be fired for no reason.

  5. Too many permanent secretaries under cabinet office or waiting for deployment doing what??? Just getting free money!!!

  6. Mundia is corrupt and Kajoba is fired for revealing it snce HH does not like(?) corruption?
    W it not supposed to be Nundia fired and SCC oves in, rather Kajoba is fired for exposing corrupt nexus operating from Plot 1

  7. And load government with lots of allies so that they spy for you on other civil servants. Hire a few from unfavourable peoples just for cosmetic purposes. But your allies are always keeping watch on them to ensure they are kept in fear. And if they differ with the cadres they are accused of supporting pf and are fired.

  8. We want to know who waß gassing us. Is it that difficult to find them? Kajoba failed to find the gassers. Will this guy find them…..?

    • How can they investigate themselves? You think if it wasn’t them doing the gassing they would have kept quiet. It’s not rocket science.

  9. Kajoba knows nothing about law. Have you seen how he has hung on to Presidential Defamation law which has been repealed? Like a monkey wanting to play on the branch he knows-when the branch has been cut off. Ask the Bembas about that. He also thinks Police are there to protect State House-not to enforce the laws. His men were miserable in the women’s kidnapping case and we havent solved the gassing cases. So many mabluffs

  10. Kajoba was released because of the political violence which was getting out of hand. We hope ba Graphel will bring sanity to the situation.

    • The internal security ministry is free from blame for this purported violence? This is not the first “violence” under this IG’s watch. The former IG had a personal fall out with the president, not that to contain savage brutalities.

    • #Mulongoti… that’s the truth. I don’t know why people change with the wind. During his tenure Kajoba terrorised people and all Upnd members supported. Today he’s fired and none of these members are behind him.

    • That can’t be the reason. He differed with HH. HH doesn’t condemn violence and Kajoba is an expert in agitating violence so they made a wonderful pair.

  11. Dont bring Christ into world politics ??
    Well why do all people and politicans refer to Christ ??
    Its the only word we understand

    • TIKKI

      Just stick to dipping your manhood into someone’s filthy, stinking ass.hole. You gay people are sick in your minds.

  12. All spineless politicians act like HH. They only fire junior cadres they put in the civil service not their fellow thieves in Ministerial positions. Even Lungu was like this


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