Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Choma Council closes 100 unauthorized drinking places


Choma Municipal Council has closed 100 Shabeens that have been operating within residential areas of the district. Council Health Committee Chairperson Flanery Musika stated that all the 100 Shebeens were closed during separate council operations in the first quarter of this year.

Mr Musika disclosed during a full Council meeting that 12 people have been taken to court for illegal running of beer drinking places.

He noted that action to close illegal drinking places is meant to bring sanity to the district, adding that the Council will continue to work towards this goal.

And Council Director of Health Paul Muka urged members of the public to report people that are operating illegal beer businesses in residential areas so as to reduce the threat posed to the health of the community.

“These Shebeens pose a threat to humanity in that a toilet that is meant for a household is being used by a lot of people. This risks an outbreak of many diseases,” he said.

Mr Mukuka also observed that these Shebeens are also a hub of many illegal vices in communities.

At the same meeting, Mr Mukuka also said that the Council together with the Ministry of Livestock will start to register dogs.

He said the exercise will allow the local authority to kill any unregistered stray dog starting in May next Month.


  1. Very good and please we need more unauthorized drinking places to be closed. I’m anti alcohol and strongly opposed to alcohol abuse. Also places where these people drink should not be open. Often bars are meeting places for people who plan to commit crimes. Let them not be drinking and spying on their victims.We also need strict laws against loitering in Zambia, too many young chaps want to stand by the roads and watch people as if they are getting paid for that, these are the ones attacking people at night.

  2. Ctn..alcohol abuse is the number one cause of domestic violence, a major cause of road traffic accidents and leads to a very poor work culture in Zambia.

    Let us do away with alcohol abuse and loitering by the youth. These are two great evils if unchecked can lead to serious problems.

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