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Football wife loses divorce settlement bid for half PSG defender Achraf Hakimi’s wealth registered in mother’s name


The wife of Paris Saint-Germain’s Achraf Hakimi went to a French court seeking a divorce and half his wealth following his involvement in an alleged rape, but walked away empty-handed.
To the 36-year-old Spanish wife Hiba Abouk’s surprise, the Moroccan defender had no properties or money in the bank, or so she was told by the court, as Hakimi had registered his fortune in his mother’s name.

According to media reports, the wife lodged her divorce claim and demanded half of the World Cup star’s fortune before she discovered the bitter truth that Hakimi’s mother had it all.

French prosecutors said in March that 24-year-old Hakimi had been indicted on rape charges after being questioned by investigators.

Following the news that Hakimi had been placed under judicial supervision, Abouk, who at the time was holidaying in Dubai with their two children, was reported to have decided to part from her husband. Hakimi and Abouk had been married in February 2020.

The media reported that court officials had told Abouk that her husband legally owned nothing and that all his millions, and even his PSG salary, were registered under his mother’s name.

Morocco World News reported last year that the star was the sixth highest-paid African footballer, earning more than $215,000 a week.

His wife was astonished when she was told by the court that more than 80 percent of his salary is credited to his mother’s bank account.

He appears to have no properties, cars, or jewelry registered in his name.

Media reports have estimated Hakimi’s wealth to exceed $70 million. It is registered in the name of his mother, who purchases everything he wants.

Hakimi’s lawyer, Fanny Colin, said that her client being indicted was an “obligatory step for any person being accused of rape,” and would allow the footballer to defend himself.



  1. Let us not celebrate in this. The main issue here is why marry such a woman in the first place? The lesson to all men is to be careful who you exchange vows with. If a woman cannot be with you at your lowest but you still decide to marry her then you have a problem. I met my Regina when I had nothing to my name and decades later she is still with me even when I have been at my lowest and arrested by the evil upnd regime. Get you a Regina in your life. You have heard

  2. LT always late with the news.
    This strategy would work with other cultures but with European footballers this can backfire as some of them come from poor backgrounds just look at Britney Spears where she had to fight for her own assets and children she sweated for from her parents. I am sure Hakimis mother is cultured woman who doesnt drive or even know what is in her savings account.

  3. Did the court bother to find how much Hakim had made since he married this woman and how much he they had spent as a couple. This is tantamount to money laundering.
    Let’s hope he won’t wish to marry again.

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