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New Generation Party urge Zambians to support UPND administration


New Generation Party president Humphrey Siulapwa has called on Zambians to support the government in its quest to find solutions that will address the economic challenges being experienced in the country.

Mr Siulapwa said that it is unfair to attack the government on the economic hardships when it is trying to address the bottlenecks blocking the prosperity of the country that have been in existence before the current administration.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka, Mr Siulapwa touched on the issue of mealie meal shortage, stating that it is an eye opener for many Zambians to venture into agriculture and contribute to mass production of the maize crop.

He pointed out the arable land that Zambia is endowed with, which citizens should take advantage of to start farming at a large scale.

He reminded that Zambia has readily available export markets, thus agriculture activities should take centre stage so that both the local and export markets are sustained.

Mr Siulapwa acknowledged that Zambia has the potential to compete at global level especially through agriculture, therefore, the sector once utilised can address the economic challenges.

“The answer to Zambia is for many to take advantage of the arable land and become farmers. Let us practice agriculture at a large scale, as the market is readily available,” Mr Siulapwa stated.

And Mr Siulapwa noted that even when the cost of living is high, it shouldn’t be a basis for blaming the government, because it requires concerted efforts from both the public and private sector to work together.

He further urged the government to prioritise job creation in order to quicken development and that violence should also be sternly addressed.

He advised that time will come for the current administration to be made accountable for the performance and citizens can then make decisions to either retain the United Party for National Development (UPND) into governance or not.


  1. I watched him on Prime TV last night.I thoiught he aquited himself well.Siulapwa from 10 years in the US is an exposed man.He is rehabilitated and can see the bigger picture

  2. If a company asks you to join the team, the company must give you what you want them to do for you. Upnd on the contrary was not asked to form government. They asked the citizenry to give them the job to run our country and after showing a better resume than their competitors the people gave them the job. Simply put they have to do the job without excuses.

  3. I think we all support the UPND in our own different ways and want them to work, improve Zambians’ livelihood. But Baba Siulapwa wants us to see things his way. He is using a pinhole instead of getting a wider panoramic view as ordinary masses do.
    The president is a undisputed well-tested farmer who can’t go wrong on agrarian prowess. Surprisingly, FISP went in snooze mode. Winter maize won’t work. We are unprepared.

  4. Ask yourself: how did things go wrong in our farming today in Zambia? Has our general farming in the last two years improved? Why are the two big mines still “closed”? When it comes to fighting corruption and political violence, they do it only when they wish to “kill” their political opponents. We have a bloated grz, yet we are struggling with funds. Monthly fuel price adjustments are a menace as they take away from proper business planning. Inconsistencies are order of the day. Baba that pinhole obscures hour clear objective view, Baba.

    • Farmers in Zambia will always struggle because they are dependent on FISP. When have you ever seen White or Chinese farmers in Zambia mourn about late delivery of inputs? On the other hand, indigenous farmers struggle every year. We have not progressed at the rate we should be. Chinese farmers in China have small pieces of land but they maximise all the resources they have. No wonder when they come to Zambia it’s like heaven on earth. You have chiefs with begging bowls selling land cheaply and subjects who fail to realise the world we live in is cutt throat.

    • #Upnd from Ng’ombe… you have stated right but do you know that governments in those countries heavily support their farmers? They will tell you not to subsidize your farmers while they do the opposite in their countries.

    • Its a demonic party.I mean they used to have a cabinet minister who was fond of masturbating on social media

  5. The mighty US dollar has fallen…under sleepy Joe and useless corrupt Kamala Harris…the US dollar has now become the most useless currency in the world….no one wants to deal with the USA anymore…it has been exposed as the most corrupt and evil country on this planet

  6. Tarino,Siulapwa is rehabilitated because he has now seen the selfishness of politicians. We seem not to understand the devastation to the citizens lives should UPND fail to deal with our unsustainable debt burden .He observes that some politicians are praying for UPND to fail so that they can take power. The debt was acquired by PF but it has now become a national threat.It is a threat that demands national cohesion, co-orperation and sacrifice, It is in this vain that he calls for the support of the UPND which was elected to lead us until 2026
    I see no proxies here but a true patriot compared to Canisius Banda

    • By the way,his observation applies to the US as well.Canisus Banda is a cofused individual who can compose a poem to mock people and pray for failure of the debt reduction negotiations currently underway

    • Iwe Zambia’s mess started with the people who privatized this country for a song. The Upnd have also been advised to go East but they cling to the finished West and they are to blame. Let them go West and negotiate for a deal. Otherwise Zambia benefitted from the loans

  7. Whose is this one,totally confused.You want solutions come from the people?kkkkk this chap is confused.Comming from America confused instead of thinking normally is gone the opposite way.Think like you are from America aikuna men,kutumpa uko.

  8. Grant Kolala,the USA? those are complex societies against which you are ill-qualified to comment,PLease,stick to the porridge

  9. Iwe,Ka Fake Zambian, who told you that Zambia is not engaging China.The Official Creditor Committee is chaired by China.I told that former diplomat who authored a fake biography of certain former president that it is Xi ping who is not yet ready for HH because he is busy trying become a world super power.Our debt is complex because owe an assortment of creditors,not just China

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